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have you met any gentle housemates?

i lived in my sister’s house in balcatta, perth. it is a suburb area which takes around 25mins to the city centre by bus. of course she is renting the house and living with a 50-something years old man who is a police (but somehow he doesn’t need to work everyday and i saw him keep watching the tv or sleeping during the period i visited haha). we didn’t have much interaction until the last night i was drinking beer alone in the living room and then he came back from the pub. “oh you are drinking again! you’re just back from pub!” i started the rare conversation, and then we have talked for an hour. during the period, he made me cry when we were talking about my sister (she wants to study in perth which would make me feel a bit sad as she has already left home for 2 years). probably due to the chemical reaction of the beer, i became emotional and he is so kind to give me a tight hug for comforting me and suddenly, he walked back to his room and took a cap to me as a souvenir! that! is! so! amazing! and! touching! i have never met a person who could be so nice to me although we had just met for 6 days (yes less than a week!).

i met 2 men during this trip, one is the man whom i mentioned in the previous post, sat next to me on the plane from singapore to perth; and the other man is this housemate. both of them could make me burst into tears easily. isn’t it bad if devote too much on developing relationship with people? and isn’t it bad to develop relationship with foreigners as i would be too sad if i can’t keep contact with them. hell yeah the housemate is not using facebook or other social media…

to be continued




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