{travel} Snow

As a person living in HK, I don’t have any experience to see snow unless one day extreme weather arrives, tropical weather turns cold and polar area is hot like hell.

Travelling could make people to experience different thing during their own lifetime indeed.

I met snow when I was in Osaka, in 2014 (below pic- I’m the one with red backpack).

My friend and I were so excited and crazy like psychos, we forgot the chill and joke around said the snowflake is the dandruff on our heads.


Let’s keep experience the good in life!




{travel} My shortest trip ever

Last weekend I have been to Manila again to visit my bf, and the trip is just 2D1N! I was working in my previous new job while booking this flight, so the trip is that short.

When I checked in, the staff was surprised:”Oh day trip”.

The girl sitting next to me on plane was surprised as well, and said the story of me and my bf is romantic (Hump you are not the 1st one said it).

Although the flight took 2 hours, we drove 4-5 hours from Manila to Morong, Pawikan Beach Resort, to join his aunt’s birthday party. That’s my 1st time to meet the uncle who has been shown many times from bf’s selfies. I could tell what I did in the future post.

The place is beautiful, it’s a place to educate people how to save / important of turtle’s life. You can also book a room there for a night, seems 2000peso per room.

Anyway, time flies, we woke up at 6am and swam a bit (I almost lost my glasses which was flushed by a sudden wave!) then drove back to Manila for another 4-5 hours.

My sister and some friends thought I was crazy because the trip is too short, what I could do in this limited time, but this trip could really bring memory to me because this’s the 1st time of:

1. Swim in Philippines’ sea

2. Meet his relatives

3. He drove me to airport (Previously I didnt depart on Sunday so will call hotel service)

My energy bar is fully filled again for work. And I am waiting for the time passing to welcome his turn to visit me in HK early next year.

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[travel] friend meet-up overseas

recently i’ve cleaned some ‘friend’ on facebook who i no longer talk with, because i found it’s quite wasting my time to see their newsfeed… i don’t need much friend but i would definitely treasure who is special in my life, or could bring my some insight.

i have met my 1st foreign friend when i was visiting an aquariums in busan, south korea in 2013, she is a singaporean and we have lost contact for almost a year, and then one day she messaged me in viber and told she was busy after she moved from myanmar back to singapore, and then we decided to have a 2nd meet up, right after 4 years.

we met up at 8:45am in china town mrt station, while my dad and sis were still sleeping in the hotel. she brought me to one of the local hawker centre (yes i love to eat local food although i love mcdonald as well haha), she is sooo kind she paid me the breakfast and iced long black tho these are not expensive, i’m really appreciate that she doesn’t really know me but still do that for me! and even she bought me a diary book!


i really love talking to foreign people and would love to make friend with them because i could know more what’s going on with the other countries, not by google nor facebook, you don’t need to worry about the truthiness of the info. we even discussed the chinese people in singapore.

although we just have a short meet-up, i really enjoy the moment of re-union and i believe she does too! distance isn’t really matter if we both have the determination to keep the friendship, right?




[travel] the colors in singapore

singapore, although it’s a very small country, you can’t deny its own vitality! last week, i went there to have a relaxation with dad and lil sis, and found singapore is really colorful, it isn’t a dull business country, but with a sense of ‘old soul’ inside its heart. its diversity of the people living there, the religion, the culture, and building, makes it not look weird when the new matches with the old.

people always say it doesn’t need to take much time to travel to singapore because it is so small, i agree that before i went there, but i think i needa have my 2nd time there, to spend more time to the place i didn’t spend much time with, like little india (due to hot weather, and my less preparation on this trip). my friend told me my photography skill looks better (hey! i haven’t used my sony dsrl for a year!!), nah it’s just because the place is beautiful and make people so easy to take good pics.

little india




china town


clarke quay





[travel] singapore airline

we all know that singapore airline is one of the best airlines among the world: good quality of service, food, inflight entertainment & spacious seats. last year i took singapore airline from hk to perth (transfer in singapore), i experienced its good, and therefore few days ago i took this airline again to singapore with dad! i decided to let him feel how good an airline can be (we took budget flight from hk to seoul last year, seats are crowd, no food and entertainment during 4-hr journey).

hot towel- before the plane took off, flight attendants gave us the hot towel to clean our hands as usual. warning: it’s very very hot! almost threw mine onto the magazine.

welcome drinks- i thought it was apple juice but turned out it’s white beer. that’s totally fine, one pls!


meal- pls pick night flight if possible, you could get some nuts & ice-cream! and i do think the dinner is much attractive than the brunch. the below pic is showing my dinner: nice fish, nice wheat bread, nice chicken (on top of the salad)! for the breakfast that i had was some dim sum… but it really depends on your luck, popular dishes always be sold out fast!


entertainment- of course you would expect there must be a front monitor for you to watch movies, tv or play games. and this time i watched ‘boss baby’ & ‘gifted’. quite updated, right? but bad luck for my dad, his monitor may have some problem which he can’t watch movies 😦


any cons? i don’t want this sharing could become a kind of advertisement, i wanna have a lil complaint, but it’s really very personal- i’m not sure if it’s true but most of the transfer point set in singapore! i would love to take this airline to manila to visit my bf but it costs more time if i need to go to singapore first then back to manila! arrrrrgh! and that’s why i could only consider airasia / cebu pacific (not going to consider cathy pacific because the seat seems are similar to these 2 budget flights, right?) and can’t save my krisflyer points!

but i’m not going to point out the price of singapore airline is expensive because you can get worthy service with smile on flight attendants’ face, try it once if you have a longer journey, treat yourself better!


ps, people always say qatar & emirate are good, maybe i should try these if i get a chance to germany!



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[cosmetic] my recent cosmetic set

i believe most of the girls love to read the latest cosmetic products or the trial reports through megazine or online, so as to find the most effective one from the product sea! and below are my recent mates.

just a quick intro, i think i am kind of having combination skin, pimples are not always come to say hello, and i dont frequently wear cc cream (only depends of my mood). full make up? impossible! coz i couldnt recognize myself!

bifesta– for cleaning the cc cream or sometimes i am too lazy to wash my face then i will use it to have a quick wipe and then use water to rinse. thats the 5th bottles, cheaper and my skin becomes fresh after using that!

vichy– its a gel form cleanser and its the 2nd bottle. skin becomes fresh after washing as well! i like gel so much! and this bottle with a pump is so good for a lazybone like me :3

melvita– thats the damask rose floral water, i use it as toner by pumping 3 times. nice rosy smell… and somehow i could use it for a long time!

lancome– the famous genifique! seems my skin is really got improvement after using that. but im gonna stop using for awhile after this bottle is finished, so as to see what is going to happen. if nothing really happened, i would just skip this step :3 

kiehls– quinoa serum, claims to have mild peeling and could use every night (not in day time), i bought lancome genifique, kiehls brightening serum and this almost at the same month (my money!!!), my skin is better like less blackhead, and i believe to have mild peeling is good to regenerate new skin faster.

kiehls– brightening serum, seems my face is getting less dull wohoo i dont need to turn my face into white but less dull and fresh is more than enough!

kiehls– ultra facial toner, just for travelling, got from the xmas set. hmm… i like my skin to stay dry, so im not consider to buy, its just slightly not dry enough! better for normal or lil bit dry skin.
found that there are still lots of products have to type… feeling tired…
la roche posay– ai, for curing pimples, its ok but i am more impressive by vichy’s one, it could kill pimple faster but would make that area a bit dry!

la roche posay– duo plus, thats the 2nd bottle and for prevent the blackhead, daily basis, but i think i would stop buying it coz now im lazy to put it on face, maybe just 1-2 times per week, on the forehead and chin, and so far my skin is ok, probably due to having the other products to help.

neostrata– gel plus, a famous peeling product. it might be a lil bit stimulative if you had squeezed the blackhead out, but its totally ok for me, a person who cant bare pain at all. and i always use it after cleaning the blackhead, its like a mild alcohol to prevent those area to have infection, and help to have a deep clean! and now i would also put gel plus on my body coz my waist and back got the marks after keeping stratching during the winter (my skin is dry and i dont put any cream…), so as to help getting rid of those trouble marks. i will buy the 2nd bottle after finishing it.

kiehls– clay mask, famous one to have deep clean function. its not expensive, and i would like to try origins rose clay mask, just because of its pink color and some rose ingredient, price might be a bit higher than kiehls (not very sure).
sorry i think i need a rest… still have 2 pics of products needa talk about but dont wanna skip any details. stay tuned!


[travel] low cost airline comparison

i believe most of the people love travelling and they usually follow several facebook pages for paying attention to airlines’ promotional sale! no one would object the existence of low cost airline because it can help us to travel more and more hahaaa. and i also took several times as well, below are my personal experience:

jeju air (busan <-> jeju island>

it’s just within an hour’s ride, an inland flights inside south korea. the journey might be too short to make me think anything bad. the boarding pass is printed by a piece of paper (i think it’s quite normal nowadays but i was amazed at that time, in 2013).

peach (hk <-> osaka)

that’s the 1st time for me to experience the bad of low cost airline, the flight took me almost 4 hours to land, and my ass was painful, probably due to the small sitting area and i couldn’t adjust the seat to backward a bit… more important it’s a red-eye flight! i felt very released after getting my butt off the seat. it’s a good lesson for me to not choose any budget flights for over 3.5 hours ride.

airasia (hkg <-> manila)

i know airasia is famous for budget flight and got many awards, i just took it last year to have my 1st visit to my oversea hun. although the seat is just like the sofa at home, which you could see the used vestige, it’s ok for me ‘coz it’s just a 2-hr ride. and i joined the airasiabig program which you could earn the points from the flights, but i think the free tickets are not that easy to earn, unless you are a frequent flyer and go to a longer destination like aus. only 1 flight per day (some other places might be more).

cebu pacific (hkg <-> manila)

claiming the largest airline in the philippines, there are more flights then the airasia which is good! but i saw that some people experienced their flights were cancelled, lucky that i didn’t. similar experience as airasia, but i experienced a bit bumpy ride when the plane is over the philippines, maybe due to the turbulence. for the membership, you have to pay 150peso so that you could start earn the points so i gave up hahaa.




airline – cost vs comfort

every year i must grab my dad to go travelling with me once, and this year we will go to singapore on july, and my sis will also come there from perth, maybe we could catch up at changyi airport!

we had been to singapore for half day 9 years ago (’cause we were joining the tour mainly to visit malaysia!). maybe you would think singapore is too small to stay there for 4 days, you could never overlook the prosperity of this small dragon. and now, as their daughter and elder sister, i am going to book hotel and flights (late july is a peak season, pls tell me that i’m wise enough to book them all 4 months earlier hahaa, my sis complained to mom that i was rushing her a lot!!!)


i took in singapore 9 years ago! thanks facebook for helping me to keep photos 🙂

for hotel, i have booked hotel mono which is chic and new, with mono tone / industrial style. singapore hotel is pricey, of course it’s due to the high living standard there, and thus, i was planning to take singapore air originally, and now starting to struggle whether to pick a budget airline (scoot, which is under singapore air) or not (when you know you could make use of the price difference to go to have a better meal, or as the entrance fee of the universal studio there…) $$$$$$$$$$$$$

and today, it seems i might get a clearer answer by telling dad the option of budget airline, hahaa dad maybe prefers singapore air more! and that’s very reasonable since for a nearly 70-year-old man, comfy means so much to him (or maybe he was quite tired from the previous flight to seoul, sorry dad!!) and what could be more important while comparing to my beloved family’s happiness for the annual travel? and it’s also important to choose the good time slot for him from now on (red eye flight is absolutely not ok!)

hmm budget flight… i will see you when i’m going to see my hun next time (still don’t have a clear picture for my next visit, poor us…)


if some miracle power or managerial level working in singapore air is reading this, i hope there is a big sale when i woke up tomorrow… i will be there on july 27-30… zzzz




initial impression of manila, the philippines

actually this is the 2nd time for me to visit manila, but since i didn’t go much places so i think it’s best to call it “initial” impression 😛

places i have stayed

last oct is the first time i went there and stayed in pasay area and been to tagaytay which is a place to see the volcano inside a lake. hun drove 2 hours from the city but pity that we didnt spend much time there. i think it’s recommended to stay a night there to admire the view more.

and for this time i picked to stay in makati area since hun’s office and different malls nearby 😛 i can go walking around while waiting for his lunch hour or off duty.


manila is the capital of the philippines and you can see that there are lots of construction, a common thing for the developing country. so you can imagine the growth of this place after 5-10 years.


i’m also wondered if the government could solve the traffic jam issue later, which hun is very frustrated on it everyday, he needa take double or even triple time to reach office or home!


i remember last time when i went to supermarket, the staff gave us plastic bag even we just bought 2 bottles of drinks. but this time hun told me no straws and plastic bags (or maybe even more plastic stuff) after the regulation. not sure if this is a newly developed laws but i’m sure it’s a good beginning!

beg for money

there are some children who bare their foot to beg for money, i have experienced during the 2 visits.


if you visit the philippines once, you could find the locals here always smile and could show the passion to life. not sure if this is due to their religion, nationality or located near the tropical region… i’m quite surprised the lady who was sweeping the bridge floor would say “morning” to me, which you could seldom/never find in hk… therefore i could say their service quality is outstanding.

of course, you have to be caution to the stranger when you are in the foreign country to prevent any unhappiness happened on your journey.

next visit will be decided upon hun’s business trip confirmation, so my next stop would probably be perth, sydney or singapore. stay tuned!


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hand writing stuff


doubtlessly, technology really does provide us a convenient way to handle daily life, but somehow the oldest way could touch people’s heart, and that’s why handmade product is still existence & valuable. i’m not sure if you guys still send postcards to friends while travelling, for the previous 3 travels last year i didn’t send out any ’cause i was hurt by one of x-besties and reluctant to get closer to friends.

but life goes on, time really could heal the wound though the scar is obviously could be seen, i’m so blessed for those who are still staying around me. i sent the xmas card last month to 4 ladies, hehee they are glad to receive that (1 of them even uploaded to fb!) i bet that is the power of the tangible, hand writing thing, ’cause it means you spend some times & good intention on them! all the good intention doesn’t need to be costly & high end. something back to basic is enough for people to feel your real heart, who else couldn’t afford oneself to satisfy their wants ? <- it only refers to those living in hdc.

i also tried to send a parcel with full of food to hun, each of them stuck a memo and he told me he always reads them again & again… ❤ one week later i’m heading to manila to meet him, i think a warm & tight hug could express how much i do miss him.