[self] selfridges haul

i bought selfridges plus in this early year since i know it could waive any shipment cost by just paying a small amount at once. i start using selfridges to buy skin care or cosmetic because i found most of them are cheaper than in hk! the amount that i save plus the free shipping cost make me become a frequent customer there.


and today i received my dhl parcel from selfridges.

-kiehl’s – ultra facial toner. i got the trial from kiehl’s shop, mom and i think that this is quite good on moisturizing without making faces oily.

-origins – rose clay mask. i finished the whole can of kiehl’s white clay mask so i wanna switch another one for trying something new. it’s slightly cheaper than kiehl’s and in pink color, i will see if it work on me!


the other 2 are ordered by mom:

-lancome – la base primer. she is currently using giorgio armani primer, but found that this one is cheaper so just have a trial. i will stole some hehehe…

-giorgio armani – eye liner.


by the way, the packaging by selfridges is quite nice, yellow tissue paper is wrapping around the goods makes people feel good & refresh when every time opening the parcel 🙂



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[cosmetic] my recent cosmetic set

i believe most of the girls love to read the latest cosmetic products or the trial reports through megazine or online, so as to find the most effective one from the product sea! and below are my recent mates.

just a quick intro, i think i am kind of having combination skin, pimples are not always come to say hello, and i dont frequently wear cc cream (only depends of my mood). full make up? impossible! coz i couldnt recognize myself!

bifesta– for cleaning the cc cream or sometimes i am too lazy to wash my face then i will use it to have a quick wipe and then use water to rinse. thats the 5th bottles, cheaper and my skin becomes fresh after using that!

vichy– its a gel form cleanser and its the 2nd bottle. skin becomes fresh after washing as well! i like gel so much! and this bottle with a pump is so good for a lazybone like me :3

melvita– thats the damask rose floral water, i use it as toner by pumping 3 times. nice rosy smell… and somehow i could use it for a long time!

lancome– the famous genifique! seems my skin is really got improvement after using that. but im gonna stop using for awhile after this bottle is finished, so as to see what is going to happen. if nothing really happened, i would just skip this step :3 

kiehls– quinoa serum, claims to have mild peeling and could use every night (not in day time), i bought lancome genifique, kiehls brightening serum and this almost at the same month (my money!!!), my skin is better like less blackhead, and i believe to have mild peeling is good to regenerate new skin faster.

kiehls– brightening serum, seems my face is getting less dull wohoo i dont need to turn my face into white but less dull and fresh is more than enough!

kiehls– ultra facial toner, just for travelling, got from the xmas set. hmm… i like my skin to stay dry, so im not consider to buy, its just slightly not dry enough! better for normal or lil bit dry skin.
found that there are still lots of products have to type… feeling tired…
la roche posay– ai, for curing pimples, its ok but i am more impressive by vichy’s one, it could kill pimple faster but would make that area a bit dry!

la roche posay– duo plus, thats the 2nd bottle and for prevent the blackhead, daily basis, but i think i would stop buying it coz now im lazy to put it on face, maybe just 1-2 times per week, on the forehead and chin, and so far my skin is ok, probably due to having the other products to help.

neostrata– gel plus, a famous peeling product. it might be a lil bit stimulative if you had squeezed the blackhead out, but its totally ok for me, a person who cant bare pain at all. and i always use it after cleaning the blackhead, its like a mild alcohol to prevent those area to have infection, and help to have a deep clean! and now i would also put gel plus on my body coz my waist and back got the marks after keeping stratching during the winter (my skin is dry and i dont put any cream…), so as to help getting rid of those trouble marks. i will buy the 2nd bottle after finishing it.

kiehls– clay mask, famous one to have deep clean function. its not expensive, and i would like to try origins rose clay mask, just because of its pink color and some rose ingredient, price might be a bit higher than kiehls (not very sure).
sorry i think i need a rest… still have 2 pics of products needa talk about but dont wanna skip any details. stay tuned!