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{self} Achieved in 2017

It’s December now, and it’s time for reviewing what we have done in these 11 months!

  1. Passed in German exam A1 level.
  2. Changed the old job which I have been worked for 4 years there.
  3. Travelled 4 times, which 3 times are Manila, another one is Singapore.
  4. Celebrated 1-year with bf. Wow time flies!
  5. Booked the flights to travel to Sydney and Perth next August, with 2 of my 15-year friends, ’cause surprisingly it will be out 1st time to travel together, 3 of us.

I think my 2017 is quite fruitful, at least not wasting much time on mobile I guess haha! Time to think about what’s my target for 2018…


self development

{Self} Changings after 27-year-old

1. Less hang out at night. I will rather stay at home to have a rest instead of going out for fun with friends (Yet I will watch football match at home at 2:30am…).

2. Have much time with family. Time is passing by and not gonna come back, treasure every moment with the closed one is very important (Mobile is not the VIP).

3. Have much quality life. When I could earn much money from work, I prefer to choose the most desirable to buy and eat, and to have a few mins exercise on bed before sleep.

4. Satisfied for what I got. Minimalism is classy, and then check my wardrobe and think there’s pretty much enough clothes to wear and I’m not gonna buy more now.

5. Check about the wedding-related post in instagram. What a beautiful dress and venue. My wedding will go for the simpliest! A lunch cocktail party, then a fine dinner with only our family, then in the next morning we both go to honeymoon.

6. Think about future career, then to decide if the current company could provide you any prospert. I quitted my job and will start a new one next Thursday!


self development

{self} naked resignation

Previously, I told you guys that I am gonna change a new job, but then after working there for a month, I decided to resign.

Although people would think it is a big company and I should stay there for longer time to get the experience and to make my CV attractive, I could bare the poor sleeping quality during that period. I think nothing is important than health.
Therefore, I filed the resignation letter without finding a job to junp over.

Mom wasn’t happy when she heard that which I forseen it already, but then I got my boyfriend to support my decision, thanks God! 

And then I thought I could excel my resting plan which was planned on August, I started sending CV out to various companies and agencies however, which because I fear that I might not be able to get a job in the year end- Everyone is waiting for the bonus.
Throughout the whole week I sent the CV and went to interviews, like an intensive work for 5 weekdays, feel tired physically and psychologically…

Luckily, I got an offer today, it is the 7th working day from my last working day, and expected to start working next Wednesday (Nov 1).

During this job hunting period:

1. Want to thank you my closed friend for the support psychologically, something I told him before but when the case is on me, I become the one to be coward.

2. Realize one of the securities that I need is job, so I might not have a 2nd chance to have naked resignation.

3. Always be confident and bring positive vibe to your heart, not to affect the emotion of people surrounding you, especially family. I felt impatient when mom kept asking me questions…

4. Spend the spare time with my dad, who has retired. Once I back to work market, he would just stay at home to prepare for dinner or sit onto sofa to watch videos via mobile haha!

Rock on you guys! And me as well. Hope you all could try to enjoy your work.


self development

[self] job changing

When you feel your work is no longer making your life meaningful but somehow sick of it while getting on the train to office, it’s definitely time to move on.

I’ve worked for this company for 4 years and that’s the first job after graduation, I have set a target for myself to switch a new job within this year on this April, and then I made it- I filed the resignation letter to boss on mid September.

As I have worked there for 4 years, it’s kind of a comfort zone as boss and colleagues are so nice to me (you could see the below pic which we had a farewell lunch together on my last day), and I am familiar with the clients that I dealt with, and that’s why I need to be brave enough and determined to make this decision, after filed the letter to boss, I’m walking to a new route for my life (even if boss was trying to persuade me to stay, I’m not that kind of person who could retrieve my decision. Stubborn? Nah I think once you got the idea of quitting, you won’t stay long or work with fully passionate heart and soul).

Of course, before I filed the letter, I did the below things so to rationalize my decision:

  1. Prepared well on my CV and linkedin profile.
  2. Went to few interviews so to know my market value and what kind of job I might have a chance to get in the future. Of courise I have set my target job / company nature before sending out the CV, I weren’t urge to get a new job.
  3. Set a deadline for myself to file the letter (that’s for my inner self to prepare what to say to boss, and to force myself to finalize the decision). At last I filed the letter after 2 weeks of the deadline.


PS- So I’ve achieved 2 goals by September 2017! One is to get a ‘good’ grade for German A1 level exam, another one is to change a new job. Have you guys achieved any goals? Let’s rock on to build up a productive and meaningful lifetime for our own!



self development

[self] german a1 level exam

after graduation, i believe most of us are not needed to have frequent exam like what we did in school. in these recent years, i just took 1 korean exam (topik 1, an elementary exam) and 1 driving exam. and yesterday, i took german exam (a1 leverl, an elementary one as well). i saw one of the classmates couldn’t sleep before that, and what we did before the exam was keep asking others the questions & repeated asking the same questions…

after finished all parts of the exam (we have reading, writing, listening & speaking), i reminded myself i came for my interest in germany, that’s really not a big deal if i failed, i still could use my broken german to say something if i were in germany, most likely with my beloved one john. and he always has full of confidence in me 🙂

i start wondered the coming a2 classes.


self development

ed sheeran – divide

i haven’t had a desire on buying a cd for a long time, and the latest one is 1989 by taylor swift. and recently ed sheeran has a new release called divide, and i really wanna get one from the shop although i don’t have a cd player at home, nor my macbook air got a cd drive…

i do think when you are the song composer as well as the singer, those songs would got a more powerful story telling ability, especially for those who has similar experience to those plots, emotion would be fluctuate easily. of course, if you are drinking beer while listening sad songs, tear will come up and say hello to you.

and that’s why i would have a desire to have taylor and ed’s cd.

in divide, out of 16 songs, personally i have preference on 2 of them (hope that they could be the next single that would strongly promoted!):

perfect – a very sweet song which reminds of my boyfriend, hahaa i think it’s a magical song that would make people wanna marry immediately! why’s that! as being in a long distance relationship, most important are the odds that we have a strong belief that we could go through when many people said it’s difficult to last long. i’m still learning and trying to overcome, you know, when he said he will try to have a facetime with me tonight but it’s now 9:50pm, those disappointment is flushing me to his home to slap his face!

“fighting against all odds, i know we’ll be alright this time”

supermarket flowers – when i read the lyric while listening it, i did’t receive any warning that tide was coming, i couldn’t help crying because i was thinking of my grandmom, who passed away 10 years ago… hmmm at that night i found that i still miss her, dearly.

“a heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved”

“you got to see the person that i have become”