{relationship} 1-year anniversary

Dear Alien,
I remember the night we met on the plane last year, we had a great and non-stop conversation for 4 hours, we both got red eyes after landed.

I remember the night we chatted on phone, talking about the attitude after knowing my sister smoke, I told you she is well educated and should know the harm, but you told me it’s her choice.

I remember the night I phoned you for 4 times but you didn’t pick up, and finally you blocked me on Facebook, I was hurted, deeply.

I remember the night I sent an email to you to ask for being friend again and you said OK then I was glad to keep the connection.

I remember the night I took a flight after work and met you in the airport, you holded my hand, and I’m yours. 
Yes we are in a long distance relationship.

Yes we may not be able to be upload our sweet selfie and have tight hug frequently, but we could always make each other 101% fully charged to start our day and fighting on our work.
Tomorrow will be our 1-year birthday, we are looking forward to seeing this baby grow up. You may afriad of you become a grandpa who has bad temper, memory, and with wrinkles on face, but I cannot find anyone who can replace you, my best gift in life.

I know we might have much challenge than others, but I am confidence to tackle one by one because you are with me and I’m with you. 


SQ225, from Singapore to Perth. 

The monitor told me to wait, at that time I wasn’t aware I would meet my important boy soon…


do you have your own world-wide collection?

i like animal (although i’m too coward to touch them haha), so 2-3 years ago i have set a goal, to see the zoos and aquariums all over the world. and here’s the places i have already been to:

  • zoo: melbourne, perth, malaysia (forgot in which city)
  • aquarium: busan, osaka

i believe the list would be longer… just matter of time and money (hey! ticketing is not cheap!).


and then i think i have another collection now, that’s brewery! hell yeah i love beer more than any other drinks! and i have been to one brewery called “little creatures” in fremental, perth (omg i just searched about “little creatures” and found that this company just opened a new brewery/restaurant in hk! that’s too amazing and i’m gonna check this out alone! drink for all the fuckin’ memory in perth. no offense, i just think of the guy i met there).

i went the perth one after eating the fish and chips nearby, me and my sister went there for a drink. i went to perth on june and the weather was so perfect, i enjoyed the sun shine (but in door! haha the sun shine went through the window to reach my skin) and sister enjoyed using my iphone to take lots of lots of lots of selfie! you can also order some food there but we didn’t. before you order the drink, you can also try several beer in order to pick the one you like the most! such a good service, right?


besides travelling, i think i can share some beer review haha just a good reason to drink… and try some other beer but not stick into particular brand, probably best to begin with the new season of bundesliga (german football matches)! anyone supports bayern munich here? haha i love german football team, so i really like mesut özil, manuel neuer and a rising star called julian draxler.

ps, you know i don’t usually update wordpress on week day but there is a typhoon in hk right now, so probably i don’t need to work tomorrow morning =P pls gimme this valuable week day off from work, i’m physically headache now and should be on bed 2 hours ago but now still… net-surfing!


relationship, travel

what’s your feeling to say goodbye?


i don’t know if i’m too moisture, my tear always comes out to say hello to me when i need to leave a place or someone. i went to south korea for nearly 3 weeks with 2 of my friends, of course we argued at the middle of the journey and then i was super upset when we were in the airport waiting to go back to hong kong.

and last year i went to melbourne visiting my sister, tear was unconsciously coming out again when we were in the airport shuttle bus terminal.

and then a month ago i went to perth visiting my sister again, i know my emotion so so well, i drank beer in the living room alone while she was sleeping. oh gosh i cried in front of her housemate (as previsouly mentioned), lucky that not in front of her.

i don’t know if i experience more goodbye-scene and then i could get used to it, but… if everybody has own life to live and everything is a kind of lesson to grow, if i’m open to any challenges, that’s ok… positive vibe haha. when alone doesn’t mean lonely, why i have to feel sad to say goodbye?



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have you met any gentle housemates?

i lived in my sister’s house in balcatta, perth. it is a suburb area which takes around 25mins to the city centre by bus. of course she is renting the house and living with a 50-something years old man who is a police (but somehow he doesn’t need to work everyday and i saw him keep watching the tv or sleeping during the period i visited haha). we didn’t have much interaction until the last night i was drinking beer alone in the living room and then he came back from the pub. “oh you are drinking again! you’re just back from pub!” i started the rare conversation, and then we have talked for an hour. during the period, he made me cry when we were talking about my sister (she wants to study in perth which would make me feel a bit sad as she has already left home for 2 years). probably due to the chemical reaction of the beer, i became emotional and he is so kind to give me a tight hug for comforting me and suddenly, he walked back to his room and took a cap to me as a souvenir! that! is! so! amazing! and! touching! i have never met a person who could be so nice to me although we had just met for 6 days (yes less than a week!).

i met 2 men during this trip, one is the man whom i mentioned in the previous post, sat next to me on the plane from singapore to perth; and the other man is this housemate. both of them could make me burst into tears easily. isn’t it bad if devote too much on developing relationship with people? and isn’t it bad to develop relationship with foreigners as i would be too sad if i can’t keep contact with them. hell yeah the housemate is not using facebook or other social media…

to be continued



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have you ever have any special experience on the plane?

perth, a so-called the most lonely city among the world, is my 1st place i travelled in 2016, to visit my sister.

i was taking singapore airline in hk and then transferred in singapore to reach perth. the flight from singapore to perth is my highlight of the whole trip as i met a man who sat next to me and then we talked, leant on his shoulder to sleep for half hour until the plane was landed (it sounds crazy right? but somehow he made me feel comfortable to do that) and then he became my boyfriend for less than a week and he disappeared like a fart for no reasons. yuck, like what taylor swift had said, a relationship which is uncertain and fragile doesn’t mean that it isn’t special and memorable. a kind of lesson though. at this moment i still wanna be a normal friend if he come finding me. anyway he upseted me for 4 days but this special memory would last forever in my brain (although i probably would forget how he look after years).

to be continued-