{relationship} Couple face

Although people always say everyone is different and unique, you could always find someone looks alike some artists/singer.

And, friends around you would sometimes talk about the likeliness of your face with bf/gf (you may not know but they must mention once with your other friends). Actually it’s quite happy when friends say both of you look alike, like it’s a small prove of perfect match.

Months ago, I did a test online to upload our pics then got the above result, 76 isn’t bad because there are some look-alike celebrities couple are tested and the scores are close to mine (of course it’s just for fun, but score does a li~ttle bit matter 🌚).
But it doesn’t mean that the much look alike, the lower chance you guys would break up. 

One of my friends who is really look alike with her ex-bf, but few years later they broke up. And then her current bf, again, looks alike her 😂 WTF
And of course, there’s a combination of beauty and the beast…


{relationship} My male friend!

There are so much argument over the topic of if boy and girl could be just friend. I’m always positive, maybe due to my boyish personality?! I find it’s easier for me to friend with boy.

I met a boy last year in a German class, and just got closer 3 months later when we talked about football- we support the same team and then now we almost chat via Whatsapp everyday. I feel amazed and I honestly told him that he is my good friend because something only he knows (not even my girl besties)!

We hanged out for watching football match together, drinking beer and talking some personal trouble on work. We always share dog pics via Instagram, talk about the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and now back to German course again after a 3-month break.

The below pic is the my text (talking about Adidas sneakers) shown on his newly bought Garmin watch.


Of course, for a girl who has a boyfriend and even proceeding a long distance relationship, you have to be determined and know exactly what you are doing. There should have no flirting in between. A rational person should be able to differentiate how friend and boyfriend should treat.

And of course, having a boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t mean you can’t have an opposite-sex friend! Getting to know different people could definitely widen horizon and knowledge scope, because we have limited time to expore one by one by ourselves.


{relationship} About wedding, boys might not know…

Every girl must imagine her own dream wedding. Dream doesn’t mean to be grand, but that wedding must suit own personality and unique.
About the banquet… I am quite a low key person, I don’t want to hold a banquet in hotel ballroom or Chinese restaurant that is typical in HK. Instead, a lunch gathering or cocktail party is so ME! This is a budget wise way so we could spend more on honeymoon trip, which is a much private way to celebrate. Of course, maybe both families would like to have a bigger banquet due to the matter of face… But at least you know not all girls would like to have a grand one, and even want to finish afternoon and take honeymoon flight at that night!

About the dress… I start to search the chic dress in spare time, just to look for which style fits me and to shorten the trouble when I will REALLY prepare wedding. Alice + Olivia, Needle & Thread, Self Portrait… If holding a cocktail party, short dress is quite a good idea haha Not clumsy though. So you know not all girls are looking for a classy white lace wedding dress, and when you know girls are starting to look for a dress which they don’t even wear skirt frequently, be careful and pay attention!

About the wedding planning… Starting to follow wedding planning company’s instagram / facebook accounts, or peeking the articles related wedding from forums, when you secretly notice the sign (which they won’t inform you at the very beginning stage because of shyness), you gotta start to have some preparation, or at least some thoughts about wedding so as to prevent the sudden questions asked by girls, probably half year later. You know, it could show you have thought about you guys’ future 😏.
Before preparing for wedding, it is one of girls’ fantasies. Don’t break our daydream and you could be our hero if you could work out what we girls have thought in my mind, which has been existence for awhile already.


{relationship} The sweetest moment he brought me…

1. The 1st meal is in Jollibee, yes he knows I like its spaghetti so much and he even told his relative about it. He also could remember to ask the staff to have no cheese on top of spaghetti.

2. He used his hand to cover my eyes when there’s strong sunshine coming through, even when he’s driving. It reminds me of the 1st night we met, he used his hand to support my head not to fall off when the plane is about to land.

3. He always be the one to hold my hand when I’m daydreaming and even he’s driving.

4. He told me I could pick a good tee that he really likes and could wear 3 times per week (It’s from Nike and he said the fitting suits him).

5. My glasses were flushed away by a seawive and I was so nervous because I needa go to take a flight back to HK. Few mins later he could find it!! Although it’s not a sweet thing, I still wanna remark he is a hero ’cause he just saved my life!! Haha
I hope later I could write what he did to me in a small notebook and then one day when there’s no empty pages, I will give it as his present. 100% hand made with love and memory. Priceless.


{relationship} 1-year anniversary

Dear Alien,
I remember the night we met on the plane last year, we had a great and non-stop conversation for 4 hours, we both got red eyes after landed.

I remember the night we chatted on phone, talking about the attitude after knowing my sister smoke, I told you she is well educated and should know the harm, but you told me it’s her choice.

I remember the night I phoned you for 4 times but you didn’t pick up, and finally you blocked me on Facebook, I was hurted, deeply.

I remember the night I sent an email to you to ask for being friend again and you said OK then I was glad to keep the connection.

I remember the night I took a flight after work and met you in the airport, you holded my hand, and I’m yours. 
Yes we are in a long distance relationship.

Yes we may not be able to be upload our sweet selfie and have tight hug frequently, but we could always make each other 101% fully charged to start our day and fighting on our work.
Tomorrow will be our 1-year birthday, we are looking forward to seeing this baby grow up. You may afriad of you become a grandpa who has bad temper, memory, and with wrinkles on face, but I cannot find anyone who can replace you, my best gift in life.

I know we might have much challenge than others, but I am confidence to tackle one by one because you are with me and I’m with you. 


SQ225, from Singapore to Perth. 

The monitor told me to wait, at that time I wasn’t aware I would meet my important boy soon…

relationship, travel

this is what you came for.

in the past, travelling is just a mean to unwind and explore. but my next trip, would be helping me to re-develop a relationship or probably find an answer to leave that relationship. i didn’t search any tour spots in that place, just exchanged the currency and arranged the roaming service in order to contact that man.

he is the man i met nearly 4 months ago and had a 4-hour chat on the plane and then we haven’t seen each other again. usually we communicate by email (had 2-3 times video chat so far). and now i’m spending hkd 2k to meet up… in a certain extent, i’m attracted by this wildest dream.

the dream will be realized next week, what i can do now is to keep my health condition well (i was stressed out last week and lost appetite, you know, i love eating so much and it’s a great impact for me not to eat!).


this is perth airport where we said goodbye 😦

i’m listening out of the wood while typing this blog, and i’m really hope that we could face those wood together (i’m worrying him not showing up eventually which would definitely disappointed me aaaaaaaa lot and promise i won’t find him any more).

wish me luck, will come back to you mid of oct.


relationship, travel

let’s seek the local paradise

i know there are many attractive spots/people/culture abroad, but meanwhile don’t forget the foreigner could also think our country/city/community is so adorable. we are so used to the thing that surrounding us… and so i went to an island called cheung chau with my friend today. we took ferry from central and it takes nearly an hour to there. fair enough, good stuff always takes time and pay effort to meet: the effort is to sweat whichever you can, there was no cloud under 33 degree celsius… gosh i really hate summer (and i was thinking what countries i could immigrant which the temperature is around 10-20 degree celsius all the time, yet my friend said it will be easier to pay the air conditioner charge instead of immigration… oh no, greenhouse gases are so excessive nowadays).


and when we went on some bumpy rock, my friend helped me going through, that’s the feeling you can’t find if we just walk around in the downtown (yes he is a gentleman). so if you guys got the girl you like, just do some challenging tasks together to impress her! it works, maybe haha (but he is only my friend as we known each other for 11 years already! wow i just counted the years and didn’t expect that long).


haha don’t know if you guys know where my hometown is, just to clarify, it’s hong kong. have you been to here? if you want to listen a cantonese song, click the link and he is my favorite singer in hong kong, for 16 years…

a quick update for the guy i met on the plane: we had some conversation via iphone messengers and did facetime once. last update is on wednesday, and today is saturday, seems i’m getting used to it, just like having an email-chat in the previous weeks. he is a typical gemini man, right? disappear without knowing if he is still alive or not haha. he said i was possessive so what i can do is to live my own life gorgeously haha. hey i’m busy too! any gemini men here or any girls got gemini boyfriend? and below signs are mine:





relationship, travel

have you met any gentle housemates?

i lived in my sister’s house in balcatta, perth. it is a suburb area which takes around 25mins to the city centre by bus. of course she is renting the house and living with a 50-something years old man who is a police (but somehow he doesn’t need to work everyday and i saw him keep watching the tv or sleeping during the period i visited haha). we didn’t have much interaction until the last night i was drinking beer alone in the living room and then he came back from the pub. “oh you are drinking again! you’re just back from pub!” i started the rare conversation, and then we have talked for an hour. during the period, he made me cry when we were talking about my sister (she wants to study in perth which would make me feel a bit sad as she has already left home for 2 years). probably due to the chemical reaction of the beer, i became emotional and he is so kind to give me a tight hug for comforting me and suddenly, he walked back to his room and took a cap to me as a souvenir! that! is! so! amazing! and! touching! i have never met a person who could be so nice to me although we had just met for 6 days (yes less than a week!).

i met 2 men during this trip, one is the man whom i mentioned in the previous post, sat next to me on the plane from singapore to perth; and the other man is this housemate. both of them could make me burst into tears easily. isn’t it bad if devote too much on developing relationship with people? and isn’t it bad to develop relationship with foreigners as i would be too sad if i can’t keep contact with them. hell yeah the housemate is not using facebook or other social media…

to be continued