{self} Too much horoscope thing is bad?

I went to have a job interview yesterday, and then got the offer call when I was taking train back home. My mind brought me to the day before I read my horoscope Cancer (via Susan Miller’s app), it says I would sign a new contract with long-standing business, which would make my career to step upward.

It really amazed me.

You may think it’s superstition to check daily horoscope thing, but in certain extents it could be a tool to strengthen my decision, especially when you are out of confidence. I believe something could be achieved when you have the impulse and be brave to do something new, special, full of uncertainty. That’s why people always say it isn’t good to stick in the comfort zone.

And usually horoscope tells you the good.


On the other hand, horoscope is always a tool for boys and girls to check their crush’s personality, and then use some technique to fit in crush’s preference. It doesn’t matter if you are still a student or working class. Everyone like to get tips to win, right? my bf is a Gemini, I know I need to give him freedom, which also suits the general love guidance right haha!


And horoscope is always a good topic to talk to make some new friends besides weather, work, hobby topic, and undoubtedly for girls.


I’ve read horoscope thing for over 10 years, and I still can’t find a good reason to stop this behavior. 2018 has started for 16 days, have you read your horoscope?




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{Self} Changings after 27-year-old

1. Less hang out at night. I will rather stay at home to have a rest instead of going out for fun with friends (Yet I will watch football match at home at 2:30am…).

2. Have much time with family. Time is passing by and not gonna come back, treasure every moment with the closed one is very important (Mobile is not the VIP).

3. Have much quality life. When I could earn much money from work, I prefer to choose the most desirable to buy and eat, and to have a few mins exercise on bed before sleep.

4. Satisfied for what I got. Minimalism is classy, and then check my wardrobe and think there’s pretty much enough clothes to wear and I’m not gonna buy more now.

5. Check about the wedding-related post in instagram. What a beautiful dress and venue. My wedding will go for the simpliest! A lunch cocktail party, then a fine dinner with only our family, then in the next morning we both go to honeymoon.

6. Think about future career, then to decide if the current company could provide you any prospert. I quitted my job and will start a new one next Thursday!


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{self} naked resignation

Previously, I told you guys that I am gonna change a new job, but then after working there for a month, I decided to resign.

Although people would think it is a big company and I should stay there for longer time to get the experience and to make my CV attractive, I could bare the poor sleeping quality during that period. I think nothing is important than health.
Therefore, I filed the resignation letter without finding a job to junp over.

Mom wasn’t happy when she heard that which I forseen it already, but then I got my boyfriend to support my decision, thanks God! 

And then I thought I could excel my resting plan which was planned on August, I started sending CV out to various companies and agencies however, which because I fear that I might not be able to get a job in the year end- Everyone is waiting for the bonus.
Throughout the whole week I sent the CV and went to interviews, like an intensive work for 5 weekdays, feel tired physically and psychologically…

Luckily, I got an offer today, it is the 7th working day from my last working day, and expected to start working next Wednesday (Nov 1).

During this job hunting period:

1. Want to thank you my closed friend for the support psychologically, something I told him before but when the case is on me, I become the one to be coward.

2. Realize one of the securities that I need is job, so I might not have a 2nd chance to have naked resignation.

3. Always be confident and bring positive vibe to your heart, not to affect the emotion of people surrounding you, especially family. I felt impatient when mom kept asking me questions…

4. Spend the spare time with my dad, who has retired. Once I back to work market, he would just stay at home to prepare for dinner or sit onto sofa to watch videos via mobile haha!

Rock on you guys! And me as well. Hope you all could try to enjoy your work.


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review my fu*kin 2016

eyyy merry x’mas!

it’s late december and let me do a short 2016 review for myself. if you curious what i did, i’m here allow you to read below hahaa!


travel & relationship

from the very beginning on january 2016, my best college friend is no longer talking to me due to she thinks it’s good for both of us, and so i didn’t want to interact with my other friends as well, just to make myself as a outliner in each group, until the trip to perth on june…

i have broken my record in this year as i travelled 3 times: perth, seoul & manila. if you guys follow this blog, you would know i met my bf in the aircraft hahaa during the flight from singapore to perth, he sat next to me and we started to talk from the moment he asked me how to write the immigration form… we met on june, and then i went to manila to meet him on october (hmm i think our relationship got a real start since then, it’s just our 2nd time to meet as u know) huh, i’m waiting for his x’mas call… if he can’t make it happen, i’m gonna punch him on the coming jan 28, 2017 hahaa.

then, my sis is currently in perth to study cookery, and she had come back hk for 3 weeks on august and we and our dad travelled to seoul. the previous time for us to travel together is in 2011, to bangkok. and she is coming back hk again on dec 28! although she is not living alone in perth, i do think our family bonding becomes stronger!


my supervisor gave me a shocking news since the day i return to work from manila, she is gonna resign and would leave the company on next january. sigh, i have to get used to my new supervisor now, i really hate people come and gone… not sure if me and my new supervisor could cooperate well, let’s see…


i have used up quite a large amount of money since june, and then a week ago i start to think how can i save more money next year, and here’s my planning: to put around 35% of the salary to another bank account which i’m no longer active using it, and then the other would spend on giving home allowance to parents, transportation, dining out with friends, travelling, investing stocks and normal saving as usual. alright… i could foresee i could get a really satisfying result at the year end hahaa!


as i told i stopped interacting with my friends, i start watching football so as to make my life a bit interesting. and now i’m the follower of german national team, bayern munich and real madrid. usually i have to wake up in the middle of the night to watch and sleep awhile before heading to work…zzz

and on october i joined a class learning german! i will start my a1.2 german class next week, my male classmates are so funny which make me always laugh out loud for real! i believe i could get my al level german skill on next oct hahaa (my bf said we will go to germany for our honeymoon lol he’s crazy).

ok you might think i have quite a good year in 2016, but nah i can have happier and blissful yearsss (yes i said i can, i use my own force and ability to make my day but not rely on people!), just to make sure your positive vibes button is on, so many obstacle is┬ájust a lesson to prepare our better days, our better self ­čÖé never forget to treasure who we love, they are just right around us. ciao!


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dare not to use mobile during the trip?

who don’t hold tight the mobile at hands every single moment? especially the hit tide of pokemon go, people look at the screen more often then the road as if they got an extra sensible eye to prevent the road block (like how dolphin know where other fish is coming and then escape). when information is being fast to expose, and easily get in touch with people, mobile, seems an irreplaceable tool because it is portable and powerful. and i am thinking if it is possible for me to not using it during the day time of the trip, which means, i have to ignore all the email from work.

when i was in perth last june, my sister bought me a sim card which has 2gb data, it is really good as i can email my colleagues, not always timely but i tried. but hey i was on vacation! will company give me allowance for the time i worked or the 2gb sim card? no dear. the most scary fact is that, if you don’t keep reading the emails, you have to work overtime to finish all after coming back on the 1st day, what a non-productive day it will be! so contradict. but i think i could read those emails at night, to balance 2 sides’ effect (ok, i will try hard to do what i say for the next trip to seoul, just 2 weeks later).

#inevitably, my mobile became a cool gps tool for my sister to drive, and i just found such an amazing function of map app!


#another good function of mobile during the trip is, you can convert into your local currency using calculator, especially when you are a mathematical idiot.


#my mobile = alarm + observatory, best to decide what to wear.


paying much on ticketing, hotels, food as well as valuable annual leave for the trip, economically it would be stupid if keep looking at the screen, as you would have a huge opportunity cost.┬ámobile can be used anytime, so please┬átry leaving it into your handbag, wherever you are, it’s best to communicate with others face by face.

are you dare to call your friend without early advise everytime?

are you dare to not to use facebook, whatsapp and instagram for a week? (i tried no facebook life for a week twice, because i just wanna escape from people when i was down. actually you could really get used to it!) let’s go back to the time when we were just writing and throwing the secrecy to people… much happier then click the send button.

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