[travel] the colors in singapore

singapore, although it’s a very small country, you can’t deny its own vitality! last week, i went there to have a relaxation with dad and lil sis, and found singapore is really colorful, it isn’t a dull business country, but with a sense of ‘old soul’ inside its heart. its diversity of the people living there, the religion, the culture, and building, makes it not look weird when the new matches with the old.

people always say it doesn’t need to take much time to travel to singapore because it is so small, i agree that before i went there, but i think i needa have my 2nd time there, to spend more time to the place i didn’t spend much time with, like little india (due to hot weather, and my less preparation on this trip). my friend told me my photography skill looks better (hey! i haven’t used my sony dsrl for a year!!), nah it’s just because the place is beautiful and make people so easy to take good pics.

little india




china town


clarke quay




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too shy to have selfie?

i like taking picture especially while travelling, i would carry my dslr over shoulders or neck, to avoid missing any special moment. when we were in seoul, we saw a quite ancient scene, a man (not solider!) is riding a horse to bypass one of the tourist spots. such a nice butt, right?


i don’t know if there is anyone same as me, i don’t really like people taking pic on me when i’m the main of the pic. it’s ok to have  picture with others together but somehow it makes me feel uncomfortable. weird. there are lots of lots of lots of girls like taking selfie and even upload into instagram, and i really admire them, they are so confident haha!

but sometimes i wanna record where i have been to, thats how i take my own selfie (without showing my face haha).

snap the sneakers and the ground

it was taken in seoul, south korea, and this artificial river is famous in the city centre and i remember the weather is so hot to make me sweat, you can see the sun shine indirectly from the ground and the water. of course i wanna jump into the water to cool down…


snap the shadow on the ground / the inverted image from the glasses

ok i admit sometimes i just wanna let people know i’m carrying a backpack to travel (a kind of travelling spirit/vibe) not a brand name leather tiny shoulder bag for decoration (my sis carried one when we went to seoul, gosh she couldn’t help even a set of hotel/air ticket confirmation…). and! the inverted image could show your outfit haha 🙂


or you can ask your partner to take pic on your back only, but if you are in sole travelling…


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how you record what you see during travelling?

i bet most of you would take your mobile or digital camera when you are having fun abroad, and yes! i am one of these people (coz i like photographing!). yet i read a news today that fujifilm is going to end one of its film products as you know, the demand for film is highly dropping after digital camera is being advanced, it’s too bad but somehow i couldn’t do much thing to help: i brought my old film camera every time i went travelling but i turned out didn’t take much picture (or even none…) coz my digital camera is always on my hand and my instant camera would be on another hand… so those unopened films are still unopened.

bangkok, thailand (2011)


seoul, south korea (2012)


last year i bought a instant camera which i had longing for ages as the film price is really expensive… but i like reading an actual picture rather than a pile of pixel on the screen, which is fast to scroll up and down, this action somehow implies those pictures are not that meaningful.

melbourne, australia (2015)


my sister is coming back to home this mid aug for few weeks and we will go to seoul for 5 days, i have already prepared some instant films for ourselves. of course, after i wrote the above paragraphs, i have to unpack those unused films (actually only 2 rolls left, one is black-and-white, another is e-to-c), to give them back the value, to make their existence make sense. thing is not born to be a rubbish, and people as well, nobody would like to be rubbish, right?


and i had tried to write my travelling diary before i graduated, but probably i’m too old to write the details and best to rest in the hotel to recover my energy after all over the walk (ok! these are just my excuse…)

best to write something other than normal travelling diary/schedule/review but my true feeling in my life here, my life doesn’t need to be dramatic, but not boring and routine at least. hell yeah let’s play hard on our life! turn us on!