{relationship} My way to communicate with his family for the 1st meet-up

Previously mentioned I went to Manila and join his aunt’s bday party in a beach resort, and that’s my 1st time to meet his aunt / uncle’s family (they are the bro and sis of his mom, so really important to leave a good impression!!).

Alcohol makes people happy and relax, so when I arrived, I asked if there’s any beers (I like beer very much and he knows it hehe), and then we talked while drinking, for few hours. 

We picked Red Horse, a strong beer contains 6.9% alcohol.

And then I found they are so so nice, like the typical Filipino which always brings smile, and I opened myself, even talking about my salary and if I’m ready for marriage…

Food sharing is also a good way to make a happy atmosphere, especially for food-hunter Filipino!

Showing caring is important as well, since one of uncles needed to drive and pick another uncles’ family up there and he had drunk some beer and whisky with us, that’s why I worried if he could drive properly as I also have driving license as well and I could accompany he to go so there’s someone to support. And to tell aunt “last cigarette”, and uncle “dont drink too much”.

Of course there are so many ways to have a good start with his family, just bear in mind that to use my own mind and soul to communicate with them, not a fake smile could build up relationship. 



{travel} My shortest trip ever

Last weekend I have been to Manila again to visit my bf, and the trip is just 2D1N! I was working in my previous new job while booking this flight, so the trip is that short.

When I checked in, the staff was surprised:”Oh day trip”.

The girl sitting next to me on plane was surprised as well, and said the story of me and my bf is romantic (Hump you are not the 1st one said it).

Although the flight took 2 hours, we drove 4-5 hours from Manila to Morong, Pawikan Beach Resort, to join his aunt’s birthday party. That’s my 1st time to meet the uncle who has been shown many times from bf’s selfies. I could tell what I did in the future post.

The place is beautiful, it’s a place to educate people how to save / important of turtle’s life. You can also book a room there for a night, seems 2000peso per room.

Anyway, time flies, we woke up at 6am and swam a bit (I almost lost my glasses which was flushed by a sudden wave!) then drove back to Manila for another 4-5 hours.

My sister and some friends thought I was crazy because the trip is too short, what I could do in this limited time, but this trip could really bring memory to me because this’s the 1st time of:

1. Swim in Philippines’ sea

2. Meet his relatives

3. He drove me to airport (Previously I didnt depart on Sunday so will call hotel service)

My energy bar is fully filled again for work. And I am waiting for the time passing to welcome his turn to visit me in HK early next year.


initial impression of manila, the philippines

actually this is the 2nd time for me to visit manila, but since i didn’t go much places so i think it’s best to call it “initial” impression 😛

places i have stayed

last oct is the first time i went there and stayed in pasay area and been to tagaytay which is a place to see the volcano inside a lake. hun drove 2 hours from the city but pity that we didnt spend much time there. i think it’s recommended to stay a night there to admire the view more.

and for this time i picked to stay in makati area since hun’s office and different malls nearby 😛 i can go walking around while waiting for his lunch hour or off duty.


manila is the capital of the philippines and you can see that there are lots of construction, a common thing for the developing country. so you can imagine the growth of this place after 5-10 years.


i’m also wondered if the government could solve the traffic jam issue later, which hun is very frustrated on it everyday, he needa take double or even triple time to reach office or home!


i remember last time when i went to supermarket, the staff gave us plastic bag even we just bought 2 bottles of drinks. but this time hun told me no straws and plastic bags (or maybe even more plastic stuff) after the regulation. not sure if this is a newly developed laws but i’m sure it’s a good beginning!

beg for money

there are some children who bare their foot to beg for money, i have experienced during the 2 visits.


if you visit the philippines once, you could find the locals here always smile and could show the passion to life. not sure if this is due to their religion, nationality or located near the tropical region… i’m quite surprised the lady who was sweeping the bridge floor would say “morning” to me, which you could seldom/never find in hk… therefore i could say their service quality is outstanding.

of course, you have to be caution to the stranger when you are in the foreign country to prevent any unhappiness happened on your journey.

next visit will be decided upon hun’s business trip confirmation, so my next stop would probably be perth, sydney or singapore. stay tuned!