{self} Too much horoscope thing is bad?

I went to have a job interview yesterday, and then got the offer call when I was taking train back home. My mind brought me to the day before I read my horoscope Cancer (via Susan Miller’s app), it says I would sign a new contract with long-standing business, which would make my career to step upward.

It really amazed me.

You may think it’s superstition to check daily horoscope thing, but in certain extents it could be a tool to strengthen my decision, especially when you are out of confidence. I believe something could be achieved when you have the impulse and be brave to do something new, special, full of uncertainty. That’s why people always say it isn’t good to stick in the comfort zone.

And usually horoscope tells you the good.


On the other hand, horoscope is always a tool for boys and girls to check their crush’s personality, and then use some technique to fit in crush’s preference. It doesn’t matter if you are still a student or working class. Everyone like to get tips to win, right? my bf is a Gemini, I know I need to give him freedom, which also suits the general love guidance right haha!


And horoscope is always a good topic to talk to make some new friends besides weather, work, hobby topic, and undoubtedly for girls.


I’ve read horoscope thing for over 10 years, and I still can’t find a good reason to stop this behavior. 2018 has started for 16 days, have you read your horoscope?





type of traveller you belong!

hey i admit i am an energetic person who doesn’t really need to sleep for long (that’s why i can always wake up at 2am to watch the football match, even i went swimming the night before), so actually i don’t want my travelling partner would wake up late and then i still have to wait her to finish all the makeup, when it is already at 10:30am or even 11am, that’s… almost wasted for an hour at least. and a good example is my lil sister.

i went seoul with her on august and i usually woke up latest at 9am, i would slightly pull the curtain so as to let the sunshine come in through, and open the tv to make some noise. ┬áduring this period of time i would go preparing myself in the toilet. hey i think i’m so humane!

on the contrary, my sis would claim that travelling isn’t like this, but to enjoy, relax, and no need to rush. she wouldn’t plan for travelling as well, just to decide where to go in the next morning (or last night, better).

well, i think it is just because of the difference of personality, and the attitude towards travelling, i don’t think i am a bad traveller as i wanna see as much as i can because i don’t have a long holiday and my work doesn’t allow me to have more holiday though (even i accept no-pay leave, huh…). tell me i am not demanding…


if finding a partner is that difficult (travelling partner and lifelong partner…), if i don’t need to seek for any partners… go anywhere with a free soul and mind. sigh, i am thinking of someone…