{relationship} My male friend!

There are so much argument over the topic of if boy and girl could be just friend. I’m always positive, maybe due to my boyish personality?! I find it’s easier for me to friend with boy.

I met a boy last year in a German class, and just got closer 3 months later when we talked about football- we support the same team and then now we almost chat via Whatsapp everyday. I feel amazed and I honestly told him that he is my good friend because something only he knows (not even my girl besties)!

We hanged out for watching football match together, drinking beer and talking some personal trouble on work. We always share dog pics via Instagram, talk about the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and now back to German course again after a 3-month break.

The below pic is the my text (talking about Adidas sneakers) shown on his newly bought Garmin watch.


Of course, for a girl who has a boyfriend and even proceeding a long distance relationship, you have to be determined and know exactly what you are doing. There should have no flirting in between. A rational person should be able to differentiate how friend and boyfriend should treat.

And of course, having a boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t mean you can’t have an opposite-sex friend! Getting to know different people could definitely widen horizon and knowledge scope, because we have limited time to expore one by one by ourselves.


{relationship} All the hardship…

I know long distance relationship isn’t easy, I have been with this boy for over 1 year already, and I thought I am getting used on it, but turn out a real challenge is coming- he is going to stay much far away, staying period is an unknown.

Originally he lives in the Philippines, and I am in Hong Kong. Next Monday he is going to Melbourne to live with his mom (because his dad is pass away). He’s working for an Australian company so he is able to work at home, for IT stuff.

In rationale wise I know his mom needs him so much and he needs her too, they haven’t been together for a long time, and his dream is to gather all the family member (including his sis & bro) and live happily to compensate the pass.

I know as a considerate girlfriend should be able to understand all his situation, as in 2017 he didn’t have a good time. I don’t know why I will think of maybe break up? Maybe find another partner? Maybe not pick up his phone, not answer his message then fade out the affection? All the maybe is maybe I’m not confidence on the relationship now.

I can’t stand the feeling, then I texted him “I don’t know what I should feel”. Yes I’m honest to him, because I really don’t know if I should be sad for his much far away, or happy as he could stay with his family now.

So this article I can’t share you something positive vibe or tips on dealing stuff, much like I’m talking to myself and to clear my mind what I’m thinking.

As a soon-to-be-28, should be mature enough to have open communication, right? Silent treatment is for baby Cancer. Yea and a mature one should spend some time with beer, right?




{relationship} About wedding, boys might not know…

Every girl must imagine her own dream wedding. Dream doesn’t mean to be grand, but that wedding must suit own personality and unique.
About the banquet… I am quite a low key person, I don’t want to hold a banquet in hotel ballroom or Chinese restaurant that is typical in HK. Instead, a lunch gathering or cocktail party is so ME! This is a budget wise way so we could spend more on honeymoon trip, which is a much private way to celebrate. Of course, maybe both families would like to have a bigger banquet due to the matter of face… But at least you know not all girls would like to have a grand one, and even want to finish afternoon and take honeymoon flight at that night!

About the dress… I start to search the chic dress in spare time, just to look for which style fits me and to shorten the trouble when I will REALLY prepare wedding. Alice + Olivia, Needle & Thread, Self Portrait… If holding a cocktail party, short dress is quite a good idea haha Not clumsy though. So you know not all girls are looking for a classy white lace wedding dress, and when you know girls are starting to look for a dress which they don’t even wear skirt frequently, be careful and pay attention!

About the wedding planning… Starting to follow wedding planning company’s instagram / facebook accounts, or peeking the articles related wedding from forums, when you secretly notice the sign (which they won’t inform you at the very beginning stage because of shyness), you gotta start to have some preparation, or at least some thoughts about wedding so as to prevent the sudden questions asked by girls, probably half year later. You know, it could show you have thought about you guys’ future 😏.
Before preparing for wedding, it is one of girls’ fantasies. Don’t break our daydream and you could be our hero if you could work out what we girls have thought in my mind, which has been existence for awhile already.


{relationship} The sweetest moment he brought me…

1. The 1st meal is in Jollibee, yes he knows I like its spaghetti so much and he even told his relative about it. He also could remember to ask the staff to have no cheese on top of spaghetti.

2. He used his hand to cover my eyes when there’s strong sunshine coming through, even when he’s driving. It reminds me of the 1st night we met, he used his hand to support my head not to fall off when the plane is about to land.

3. He always be the one to hold my hand when I’m daydreaming and even he’s driving.

4. He told me I could pick a good tee that he really likes and could wear 3 times per week (It’s from Nike and he said the fitting suits him).

5. My glasses were flushed away by a seawive and I was so nervous because I needa go to take a flight back to HK. Few mins later he could find it!! Although it’s not a sweet thing, I still wanna remark he is a hero ’cause he just saved my life!! Haha
I hope later I could write what he did to me in a small notebook and then one day when there’s no empty pages, I will give it as his present. 100% hand made with love and memory. Priceless.


{travel} My shortest trip ever

Last weekend I have been to Manila again to visit my bf, and the trip is just 2D1N! I was working in my previous new job while booking this flight, so the trip is that short.

When I checked in, the staff was surprised:”Oh day trip”.

The girl sitting next to me on plane was surprised as well, and said the story of me and my bf is romantic (Hump you are not the 1st one said it).

Although the flight took 2 hours, we drove 4-5 hours from Manila to Morong, Pawikan Beach Resort, to join his aunt’s birthday party. That’s my 1st time to meet the uncle who has been shown many times from bf’s selfies. I could tell what I did in the future post.

The place is beautiful, it’s a place to educate people how to save / important of turtle’s life. You can also book a room there for a night, seems 2000peso per room.

Anyway, time flies, we woke up at 6am and swam a bit (I almost lost my glasses which was flushed by a sudden wave!) then drove back to Manila for another 4-5 hours.

My sister and some friends thought I was crazy because the trip is too short, what I could do in this limited time, but this trip could really bring memory to me because this’s the 1st time of:

1. Swim in Philippines’ sea

2. Meet his relatives

3. He drove me to airport (Previously I didnt depart on Sunday so will call hotel service)

My energy bar is fully filled again for work. And I am waiting for the time passing to welcome his turn to visit me in HK early next year.


{relationship} How do I deal with long distance relationship

I have been in LDR for a year, and so comfortable with him (He feels the same too!), so I think I could share some my experience to whom are in LDR as well.

#1- Clear mindset. Before you are in LDR, pls understand your partner can’t be anytime and anywhere you want. Don’t expect he/she will hug you when you are down, otherwise you guys will argue a lot.

#2- Communicating pattetn. We usually have video chat once a week, and five ‘Good morning’ msg on weekday to start our work. For weekend, we might just shut up or only for something essential to say, just like a personal free time. Also it’s important to tell him why you are mad at him, communication time is so valuable to us, can’t be wasted!

#3- Meet up in every 3-4 months.

#4- Learn the language. My partner is a Filipino, so I’m learning Tagalog, just a way to understand his world, and to make use my free time.

#5- Surprise. I sent him postcard when I was in Singapore, and sent him a parcel which I ordered from Selfridges to kill his pimple scar (But actualy it’s no longer a surprise because he got a SMS that a DHL parcel is coming and he’s scared because he didn’t order anything online haha! And then he asked me… It’s a funny memory tho).

Tomorrow I’m gonna catch the flight ticket for November, see the date, it’s just for a night!!! I never try to take a flight just for that short trip… But what to do? He is much important. I hope we could meet again in X’mas so I won’t cry like a dog… Wish me luck (Finger-crossed!)
Me: Gemini-Cancer

He: Gemini


type of traveller you belong!

hey i admit i am an energetic person who doesn’t really need to sleep for long (that’s why i can always wake up at 2am to watch the football match, even i went swimming the night before), so actually i don’t want my travelling partner would wake up late and then i still have to wait her to finish all the makeup, when it is already at 10:30am or even 11am, that’s… almost wasted for an hour at least. and a good example is my lil sister.

i went seoul with her on august and i usually woke up latest at 9am, i would slightly pull the curtain so as to let the sunshine come in through, and open the tv to make some noise.  during this period of time i would go preparing myself in the toilet. hey i think i’m so humane!

on the contrary, my sis would claim that travelling isn’t like this, but to enjoy, relax, and no need to rush. she wouldn’t plan for travelling as well, just to decide where to go in the next morning (or last night, better).

well, i think it is just because of the difference of personality, and the attitude towards travelling, i don’t think i am a bad traveller as i wanna see as much as i can because i don’t have a long holiday and my work doesn’t allow me to have more holiday though (even i accept no-pay leave, huh…). tell me i am not demanding…


if finding a partner is that difficult (travelling partner and lifelong partner…), if i don’t need to seek for any partners… go anywhere with a free soul and mind. sigh, i am thinking of someone…


relationship, travel

go with family (a question mark)

picking a travelling location is easy, you just pick a place because you could find a cheap ticket, read an article mentioning it, or fall in love with some idols/soccers (hey recently i am addicted to marcelo, a defender of real madrid, i like the way he smiles, and of course the superb skill he got).

but picking a partner is difficult. few years ago i asked one of my university mates to go somewhere together and then 2-3 weeks later i changed the plan and felt so uncomfortable to tell her no longer need to count me in, hmm i looked like a bad guy. the reason is because i wanna accompany my dad more, he is getting older and he worked hard for family so it’s time to bring him to different continents (although he worked in beijing, taiwan, japan and thailand when he was young, he is a cook!). you know what, family is our best supporter when we are down but we seldom stick with them when we are up. i am easy to have hot temper when i could’t figure out something, and during the trip you could see a lot of unknown thing which is enough to examine my eq, and for a few times i failed to control and might be dad knew i was a bit piss off (at him).

i agree that travelling with family is a challenging task because you need to bear the boredom without freedom, as well as become a 24/7 tour guide without paid… no examples are needed to raise because you can know how it feel.

#that’s my usual habit but dad came up with me, to buy the chips for lunch (usually parents won’t allow their kids to eat like that, right?) when we were in hangzhou, china.


#when my sister and i was young, we travelled with parents mainly in thailand (as it’s my mom’s birthplace). somehow her passport is no longer valid and have trouble to get a renew passport whichever thailand or hong kong, damn! really hate bureaucracy, being non-productive but always claim they are doing the best under the situation, don’t know why there are so many people wanna work in these kind of environment). anyway, it’s already 5 years since i went to thailand with little sister and dad, and then 2 weeks later, we three will go to seoul! hope the weather won’t melt me.


yet i’m gemini-cancer and always seek for my own time, i went to australia twice to find my sister alone, and my next plan would be going to munich, alone (the gemini airplane guy said he would love to go with me but we didn’t talk for almost a month, so… i guess…). i have never travelled alone but it would be achieved in 2017, wherever (i saw my high school mate did skydiving in australia which i planned to do in perth but turned out no… what a shame! there is no more next chance to make me look down on myself! arrrgh).

being conflicting in between going alone or with dad, i hope my trip with dad to australia and europe could be achieved soon.

selfish h-