{self} Too much horoscope thing is bad?

I went to have a job interview yesterday, and then got the offer call when I was taking train back home. My mind brought me to the day before I read my horoscope Cancer (via Susan Miller’s app), it says I would sign a new contract with long-standing business, which would make my career to step upward.

It really amazed me.

You may think it’s superstition to check daily horoscope thing, but in certain extents it could be a tool to strengthen my decision, especially when you are out of confidence. I believe something could be achieved when you have the impulse and be brave to do something new, special, full of uncertainty. That’s why people always say it isn’t good to stick in the comfort zone.

And usually horoscope tells you the good.


On the other hand, horoscope is always a tool for boys and girls to check their crush’s personality, and then use some technique to fit in crush’s preference. It doesn’t matter if you are still a student or working class. Everyone like to get tips to win, right? my bf is a Gemini, I know I need to give him freedom, which also suits the general love guidance right haha!


And horoscope is always a good topic to talk to make some new friends besides weather, work, hobby topic, and undoubtedly for girls.


I’ve read horoscope thing for over 10 years, and I still can’t find a good reason to stop this behavior. 2018 has started for 16 days, have you read your horoscope?





{relationship} How do I deal with long distance relationship

I have been in LDR for a year, and so comfortable with him (He feels the same too!), so I think I could share some my experience to whom are in LDR as well.

#1- Clear mindset. Before you are in LDR, pls understand your partner can’t be anytime and anywhere you want. Don’t expect he/she will hug you when you are down, otherwise you guys will argue a lot.

#2- Communicating pattetn. We usually have video chat once a week, and five ‘Good morning’ msg on weekday to start our work. For weekend, we might just shut up or only for something essential to say, just like a personal free time. Also it’s important to tell him why you are mad at him, communication time is so valuable to us, can’t be wasted!

#3- Meet up in every 3-4 months.

#4- Learn the language. My partner is a Filipino, so I’m learning Tagalog, just a way to understand his world, and to make use my free time.

#5- Surprise. I sent him postcard when I was in Singapore, and sent him a parcel which I ordered from Selfridges to kill his pimple scar (But actualy it’s no longer a surprise because he got a SMS that a DHL parcel is coming and he’s scared because he didn’t order anything online haha! And then he asked me… It’s a funny memory tho).

Tomorrow I’m gonna catch the flight ticket for November, see the date, it’s just for a night!!! I never try to take a flight just for that short trip… But what to do? He is much important. I hope we could meet again in X’mas so I won’t cry like a dog… Wish me luck (Finger-crossed!)
Me: Gemini-Cancer

He: Gemini

relationship, travel

have you ever argued with friends during travelling?

usually our high school mates are the best partner to go travelling with since they’ve known you for a long time, from monday to friday at 9am to 4pm for 7years. they know you well and you guys are closed to each other and seems not a big deal to show your real emotion (especially anger). i hate people being late (especially under hot temperature) and i had mad with 2 partners when we were in seoul. we went separately in that morning and were dealt to wait in a subway station afternoon, probably the worst thing is we didn’t have data to contact by app so what i could do was just wait. i know travelling should be considered as a happy event and we are human and would make mistake haha… after we met and had the dinner together, me and them didn’t talk most of the time and then i left for my next checkpoint, to take a red-eye train to see the sunrise in the eastern coastal of south korea (too bad that day was so cloudy and couldn’t see what i want and before that i couldn’t have deep sleep as being afraid would miss the station arghhh).

hope the above case would be the last time to experience. no more dispute and argument please, the world has already become messy lately. keep a peaceful mind everybody 🙂 i am really wanna to go to munich on next jan… probably it’s the first attempt to have sole travelling, one of my to-do list in my life (hey i just checked out my horoscope lately and found that if a person whose 5th house is in aquarius, they have higher chance to have long distance relationship 😐 that’s… not a good news to me though. you guys can check it and i found this is just… quite accurate in my case. 5th house is for bf/gf relationship while 7th house is for married relationship).


ps, the above pics were taken in macau (a small place to be reached by taking a ferry for an hour in hk). these 2 young ladies weren’t the partners of my seoul trip 😛 one of them said i am out of control when i am abroad, and yes i agree, and i think more importantly to find a person who is willing to match your crazy thought, like she is pretending to sleep onto the stone wall haha she is one of my best beer/alcoholic drinks mates.


relationship, travel

let’s seek the local paradise

i know there are many attractive spots/people/culture abroad, but meanwhile don’t forget the foreigner could also think our country/city/community is so adorable. we are so used to the thing that surrounding us… and so i went to an island called cheung chau with my friend today. we took ferry from central and it takes nearly an hour to there. fair enough, good stuff always takes time and pay effort to meet: the effort is to sweat whichever you can, there was no cloud under 33 degree celsius… gosh i really hate summer (and i was thinking what countries i could immigrant which the temperature is around 10-20 degree celsius all the time, yet my friend said it will be easier to pay the air conditioner charge instead of immigration… oh no, greenhouse gases are so excessive nowadays).


and when we went on some bumpy rock, my friend helped me going through, that’s the feeling you can’t find if we just walk around in the downtown (yes he is a gentleman). so if you guys got the girl you like, just do some challenging tasks together to impress her! it works, maybe haha (but he is only my friend as we known each other for 11 years already! wow i just counted the years and didn’t expect that long).


haha don’t know if you guys know where my hometown is, just to clarify, it’s hong kong. have you been to here? if you want to listen a cantonese song, click the link and he is my favorite singer in hong kong, for 16 years…

a quick update for the guy i met on the plane: we had some conversation via iphone messengers and did facetime once. last update is on wednesday, and today is saturday, seems i’m getting used to it, just like having an email-chat in the previous weeks. he is a typical gemini man, right? disappear without knowing if he is still alive or not haha. he said i was possessive so what i can do is to live my own life gorgeously haha. hey i’m busy too! any gemini men here or any girls got gemini boyfriend? and below signs are mine: