{relationship} Festival poison

Happy 2018!! Did you guys have an amazing night with loved one to celebrate at New Year’s Eve? Me nope! The day before he said he might have a video chat with me but turned out nope. Sigh, I were too mad and almost couldn’t sleep well- I heard there were people talked loudly and the firework, but I were so mad and want to ignore all and then date with sleeping god.

And then the next day I told him I won’t celebrate any special dates with him anymore- no expectation, no disappointment. 

Ah suddenly I think of what people usually say- everyday can be the Valentine’s Day. Yes maybe it’s a way to make our relationship to be easier, when you know a happy life is not easy to have, unless you don’t too focus or emphasize the importance of thing.

Here’s the pic he sent me- I requested a letter to me as my X’mas present, and I were mad again when I just saw these few words on a A4 paper… He, as a Gemini, tried to say some tricky theory (More letters means much love) and want me to be convinced. Humph not that easy! I’m not that stupid to make you fool me around lol

Although everyday could be X’mas or Valentine’s Day, I still hope we could be together to enjoy the day, and the festive atmosphere 🙂

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let’s seek the local paradise

i know there are many attractive spots/people/culture abroad, but meanwhile don’t forget the foreigner could also think our country/city/community is so adorable. we are so used to the thing that surrounding us… and so i went to an island called cheung chau with my friend today. we took ferry from central and it takes nearly an hour to there. fair enough, good stuff always takes time and pay effort to meet: the effort is to sweat whichever you can, there was no cloud under 33 degree celsius… gosh i really hate summer (and i was thinking what countries i could immigrant which the temperature is around 10-20 degree celsius all the time, yet my friend said it will be easier to pay the air conditioner charge instead of immigration… oh no, greenhouse gases are so excessive nowadays).


and when we went on some bumpy rock, my friend helped me going through, that’s the feeling you can’t find if we just walk around in the downtown (yes he is a gentleman). so if you guys got the girl you like, just do some challenging tasks together to impress her! it works, maybe haha (but he is only my friend as we known each other for 11 years already! wow i just counted the years and didn’t expect that long).


haha don’t know if you guys know where my hometown is, just to clarify, it’s hong kong. have you been to here? if you want to listen a cantonese song, click the link and he is my favorite singer in hong kong, for 16 years…

a quick update for the guy i met on the plane: we had some conversation via iphone messengers and did facetime once. last update is on wednesday, and today is saturday, seems i’m getting used to it, just like having an email-chat in the previous weeks. he is a typical gemini man, right? disappear without knowing if he is still alive or not haha. he said i was possessive so what i can do is to live my own life gorgeously haha. hey i’m busy too! any gemini men here or any girls got gemini boyfriend? and below signs are mine: