{relationship} How do I deal with long distance relationship

I have been in LDR for a year, and so comfortable with him (He feels the same too!), so I think I could share some my experience to whom are in LDR as well.

#1- Clear mindset. Before you are in LDR, pls understand your partner can’t be anytime and anywhere you want. Don’t expect he/she will hug you when you are down, otherwise you guys will argue a lot.

#2- Communicating pattetn. We usually have video chat once a week, and five ‘Good morning’ msg on weekday to start our work. For weekend, we might just shut up or only for something essential to say, just like a personal free time. Also it’s important to tell him why you are mad at him, communication time is so valuable to us, can’t be wasted!

#3- Meet up in every 3-4 months.

#4- Learn the language. My partner is a Filipino, so I’m learning Tagalog, just a way to understand his world, and to make use my free time.

#5- Surprise. I sent him postcard when I was in Singapore, and sent him a parcel which I ordered from Selfridges to kill his pimple scar (But actualy it’s no longer a surprise because he got a SMS that a DHL parcel is coming and he’s scared because he didn’t order anything online haha! And then he asked me… It’s a funny memory tho).

Tomorrow I’m gonna catch the flight ticket for November, see the date, it’s just for a night!!! I never try to take a flight just for that short trip… But what to do? He is much important. I hope we could meet again in X’mas so I won’t cry like a dog… Wish me luck (Finger-crossed!)
Me: Gemini-Cancer

He: Gemini


foreign language matters?

i have already graduated from the university for 3 years and that won’t make me stop learning new stuff. last year, i took TOPIK 1 (korean exam in elementary level) after self-studying for 2 years.


and on this april i took a driving test (for auto car). driving is so much fun and i could get an international license starting from next april that gimme a chance to drive in aussie, with an experienced driver (that would be my sister or hun) sitting next to me.

and my next target would be german. the first lesson is started today and obviously there is so much more difficult gramma or words i needa memorize (self-study on german isn’t possible to me that’s why i needa pay for it). i think i have enough incentive to learn well on this language because most of my beloved footballers are german haha! one day i could fully understand what they are talking about in the interviews, like the one that others left birthday msg to mesut özil! of course, germany would be my #1 country to travel (probably would go to there for honeymoon as well haha 😛 ), so best to study hard.


undoubtedly, when you go travelling to a place and you know their language that would be the perfect way to avoid any troubles come across, like korean, these are not even in alphabet, which would definitely make tourists feeling tired to figure out what is what, so you have to prepare well before you go. and since i know some of them and i have been there twice, so the trip on last august i didn’t plan… haha but of course you know that language doesn’t mean the trip would be perfect. i think the best experience would be meeting the nice locals and could make me feel the humanity, simply just smile to me would be ok 🙂 so after i back from manila, i realized why hun would say the flight attendant of that flight didn’t smile (even i told him that airline is rated 5-star, stupid me, that doesn’t mean anything at all).

of course i can’t learn all the language or study the foreign language before going that place, but i just can’t let myself have a routine living pattern which is work, eat, sleep and then back to work again. time is another form of treasure and try to put down the mobile and do something productive to your life and the society.