{relationship} All the hardship…

I know long distance relationship isn’t easy, I have been with this boy for over 1 year already, and I thought I am getting used on it, but turn out a real challenge is coming- he is going to stay much far away, staying period is an unknown.

Originally he lives in the Philippines, and I am in Hong Kong. Next Monday he is going to Melbourne to live with his mom (because his dad is pass away). He’s working for an Australian company so he is able to work at home, for IT stuff.

In rationale wise I know his mom needs him so much and he needs her too, they haven’t been together for a long time, and his dream is to gather all the family member (including his sis & bro) and live happily to compensate the pass.

I know as a considerate girlfriend should be able to understand all his situation, as in 2017 he didn’t have a good time. I don’t know why I will think of maybe break up? Maybe find another partner? Maybe not pick up his phone, not answer his message then fade out the affection? All the maybe is maybe I’m not confidence on the relationship now.

I can’t stand the feeling, then I texted him “I don’t know what I should feel”. Yes I’m honest to him, because I really don’t know if I should be sad for his much far away, or happy as he could stay with his family now.

So this article I can’t share you something positive vibe or tips on dealing stuff, much like I’m talking to myself and to clear my mind what I’m thinking.

As a soon-to-be-28, should be mature enough to have open communication, right? Silent treatment is for baby Cancer. Yea and a mature one should spend some time with beer, right?




{relationship} My way to communicate with his family for the 1st meet-up

Previously mentioned I went to Manila and join his aunt’s bday party in a beach resort, and that’s my 1st time to meet his aunt / uncle’s family (they are the bro and sis of his mom, so really important to leave a good impression!!).

Alcohol makes people happy and relax, so when I arrived, I asked if there’s any beers (I like beer very much and he knows it hehe), and then we talked while drinking, for few hours. 

We picked Red Horse, a strong beer contains 6.9% alcohol.

And then I found they are so so nice, like the typical Filipino which always brings smile, and I opened myself, even talking about my salary and if I’m ready for marriage…

Food sharing is also a good way to make a happy atmosphere, especially for food-hunter Filipino!

Showing caring is important as well, since one of uncles needed to drive and pick another uncles’ family up there and he had drunk some beer and whisky with us, that’s why I worried if he could drive properly as I also have driving license as well and I could accompany he to go so there’s someone to support. And to tell aunt “last cigarette”, and uncle “dont drink too much”.

Of course there are so many ways to have a good start with his family, just bear in mind that to use my own mind and soul to communicate with them, not a fake smile could build up relationship. 



{travel} My shortest trip ever

Last weekend I have been to Manila again to visit my bf, and the trip is just 2D1N! I was working in my previous new job while booking this flight, so the trip is that short.

When I checked in, the staff was surprised:”Oh day trip”.

The girl sitting next to me on plane was surprised as well, and said the story of me and my bf is romantic (Hump you are not the 1st one said it).

Although the flight took 2 hours, we drove 4-5 hours from Manila to Morong, Pawikan Beach Resort, to join his aunt’s birthday party. That’s my 1st time to meet the uncle who has been shown many times from bf’s selfies. I could tell what I did in the future post.

The place is beautiful, it’s a place to educate people how to save / important of turtle’s life. You can also book a room there for a night, seems 2000peso per room.

Anyway, time flies, we woke up at 6am and swam a bit (I almost lost my glasses which was flushed by a sudden wave!) then drove back to Manila for another 4-5 hours.

My sister and some friends thought I was crazy because the trip is too short, what I could do in this limited time, but this trip could really bring memory to me because this’s the 1st time of:

1. Swim in Philippines’ sea

2. Meet his relatives

3. He drove me to airport (Previously I didnt depart on Sunday so will call hotel service)

My energy bar is fully filled again for work. And I am waiting for the time passing to welcome his turn to visit me in HK early next year.

self development

{Self} Changings after 27-year-old

1. Less hang out at night. I will rather stay at home to have a rest instead of going out for fun with friends (Yet I will watch football match at home at 2:30am…).

2. Have much time with family. Time is passing by and not gonna come back, treasure every moment with the closed one is very important (Mobile is not the VIP).

3. Have much quality life. When I could earn much money from work, I prefer to choose the most desirable to buy and eat, and to have a few mins exercise on bed before sleep.

4. Satisfied for what I got. Minimalism is classy, and then check my wardrobe and think there’s pretty much enough clothes to wear and I’m not gonna buy more now.

5. Check about the wedding-related post in instagram. What a beautiful dress and venue. My wedding will go for the simpliest! A lunch cocktail party, then a fine dinner with only our family, then in the next morning we both go to honeymoon.

6. Think about future career, then to decide if the current company could provide you any prospert. I quitted my job and will start a new one next Thursday!



{relationship} daddy

I’m getting closer with dad when I was studying in the university, maybe at that moment I found dad is getting older and I should spend more time with him, to make happier moment with each other so to prevent I will be regret.

He is a traditional dad, which means doesn’t express himself much to us, but his hard-work provides my family a good shelter, until now, he cooks and does some housework for us haha! Mom could be lazy a bit when dad is retired, and I’m so proud of him having a good health and strong vitality as he’s tuning 70 year-old tomorrow! I bet you guys will think he’s just 60 while meeting him!


Every year I will go travelling with dad once, so he could be able to explore the places other than stuck in HK (We have been to Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai. Time to think about the place outside Asia haha!).

Besides travelling, I will bring him to have different nice restaurants wherever it’s McDonald or some mid-level pricing western restaurants in HK!

And of course, my tone when talking to him becomes a little girl somehow (just imagine when you were talking to your boyfriend). As a little girl, I always share with him fruit secretly because I dislike fruit but mom forces me to eat a bowl of fruit every single day!

Last but not the least, happy birthday daddy! Wish you have a good health and stay with us forever 🙂




airline – cost vs comfort

every year i must grab my dad to go travelling with me once, and this year we will go to singapore on july, and my sis will also come there from perth, maybe we could catch up at changyi airport!

we had been to singapore for half day 9 years ago (’cause we were joining the tour mainly to visit malaysia!). maybe you would think singapore is too small to stay there for 4 days, you could never overlook the prosperity of this small dragon. and now, as their daughter and elder sister, i am going to book hotel and flights (late july is a peak season, pls tell me that i’m wise enough to book them all 4 months earlier hahaa, my sis complained to mom that i was rushing her a lot!!!)


i took in singapore 9 years ago! thanks facebook for helping me to keep photos 🙂

for hotel, i have booked hotel mono which is chic and new, with mono tone / industrial style. singapore hotel is pricey, of course it’s due to the high living standard there, and thus, i was planning to take singapore air originally, and now starting to struggle whether to pick a budget airline (scoot, which is under singapore air) or not (when you know you could make use of the price difference to go to have a better meal, or as the entrance fee of the universal studio there…) $$$$$$$$$$$$$

and today, it seems i might get a clearer answer by telling dad the option of budget airline, hahaa dad maybe prefers singapore air more! and that’s very reasonable since for a nearly 70-year-old man, comfy means so much to him (or maybe he was quite tired from the previous flight to seoul, sorry dad!!) and what could be more important while comparing to my beloved family’s happiness for the annual travel? and it’s also important to choose the good time slot for him from now on (red eye flight is absolutely not ok!)

hmm budget flight… i will see you when i’m going to see my hun next time (still don’t have a clear picture for my next visit, poor us…)


if some miracle power or managerial level working in singapore air is reading this, i hope there is a big sale when i woke up tomorrow… i will be there on july 27-30… zzzz





few days ago hun told me his stepdad was diagnosed with brain tumor, obviously it’s a very bad news for his family beginning with the very new year, i hope he could stay positive and be the strong shield for his mom.

and it reminds me of my grandmom, who passed away almost 10 years, and i felt very upset and regret for not spending much time to accompany her, whom has very taken care of me and my sis when we were young.

you could always learn in your lifetime, although sometimes you would make the same mistake, if you don’t give up on your life, in terms of investment, you won’t lose. so now pls

  1. treasure all the people around you, ’cause you won’t know it would be the last day you saw them.
  2. do something meaningful each day, ’cause time is limited and can’t be chased.
  3. don’t emphasize much on monetary, ’cause it could be a blockade for you to do the above 2 things.

a short life doesn’t mean your life isn’t beautiful and fruitful. embrace the goods and bads together ’cause they form your own life. human is brave enough to tackle all the obstacles one by one. wish you all could get a good health 🙂

ps, photograph is a good tool to record life, especially for a person who got short term memory as me lol. when you miss someone, just watch the photo over and over again on your mobile or album and drop some tears… when you look back the old photo, you would think about whether to go back to that time to live all over again, or stay in the current time zone and keep going… when you put someone’s photo into your wallet, that person would be the important one in your life. i miss you hun!! ❤

and ed sheeran got a song named photograph, go check this out.

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review my fu*kin 2016

eyyy merry x’mas!

it’s late december and let me do a short 2016 review for myself. if you curious what i did, i’m here allow you to read below hahaa!


travel & relationship

from the very beginning on january 2016, my best college friend is no longer talking to me due to she thinks it’s good for both of us, and so i didn’t want to interact with my other friends as well, just to make myself as a outliner in each group, until the trip to perth on june…

i have broken my record in this year as i travelled 3 times: perth, seoul & manila. if you guys follow this blog, you would know i met my bf in the aircraft hahaa during the flight from singapore to perth, he sat next to me and we started to talk from the moment he asked me how to write the immigration form… we met on june, and then i went to manila to meet him on october (hmm i think our relationship got a real start since then, it’s just our 2nd time to meet as u know) huh, i’m waiting for his x’mas call… if he can’t make it happen, i’m gonna punch him on the coming jan 28, 2017 hahaa.

then, my sis is currently in perth to study cookery, and she had come back hk for 3 weeks on august and we and our dad travelled to seoul. the previous time for us to travel together is in 2011, to bangkok. and she is coming back hk again on dec 28! although she is not living alone in perth, i do think our family bonding becomes stronger!


my supervisor gave me a shocking news since the day i return to work from manila, she is gonna resign and would leave the company on next january. sigh, i have to get used to my new supervisor now, i really hate people come and gone… not sure if me and my new supervisor could cooperate well, let’s see…


i have used up quite a large amount of money since june, and then a week ago i start to think how can i save more money next year, and here’s my planning: to put around 35% of the salary to another bank account which i’m no longer active using it, and then the other would spend on giving home allowance to parents, transportation, dining out with friends, travelling, investing stocks and normal saving as usual. alright… i could foresee i could get a really satisfying result at the year end hahaa!


as i told i stopped interacting with my friends, i start watching football so as to make my life a bit interesting. and now i’m the follower of german national team, bayern munich and real madrid. usually i have to wake up in the middle of the night to watch and sleep awhile before heading to work…zzz

and on october i joined a class learning german! i will start my a1.2 german class next week, my male classmates are so funny which make me always laugh out loud for real! i believe i could get my al level german skill on next oct hahaa (my bf said we will go to germany for our honeymoon lol he’s crazy).

ok you might think i have quite a good year in 2016, but nah i can have happier and blissful yearsss (yes i said i can, i use my own force and ability to make my day but not rely on people!), just to make sure your positive vibes button is on, so many obstacle is just a lesson to prepare our better days, our better self 🙂 never forget to treasure who we love, they are just right around us. ciao!