{relationship} My male friend!

There are so much argument over the topic of if boy and girl could be just friend. I’m always positive, maybe due to my boyish personality?! I find it’s easier for me to friend with boy.

I met a boy last year in a German class, and just got closer 3 months later when we talked about football- we support the same team and then now we almost chat via Whatsapp everyday. I feel amazed and I honestly told him that he is my good friend because something only he knows (not even my girl besties)!

We hanged out for watching football match together, drinking beer and talking some personal trouble on work. We always share dog pics via Instagram, talk about the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and now back to German course again after a 3-month break.

The below pic is the my text (talking about Adidas sneakers) shown on his newly bought Garmin watch.


Of course, for a girl who has a boyfriend and even proceeding a long distance relationship, you have to be determined and know exactly what you are doing. There should have no flirting in between. A rational person should be able to differentiate how friend and boyfriend should treat.

And of course, having a boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t mean you can’t have an opposite-sex friend! Getting to know different people could definitely widen horizon and knowledge scope, because we have limited time to expore one by one by ourselves.

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{self} Achieved in 2017

It’s December now, and it’s time for reviewing what we have done in these 11 months!

  1. Passed in German exam A1 level.
  2. Changed the old job which I have been worked for 4 years there.
  3. Travelled 4 times, which 3 times are Manila, another one is Singapore.
  4. Celebrated 1-year with bf. Wow time flies!
  5. Booked the flights to travel to Sydney and Perth next August, with 2 of my 15-year friends, ’cause surprisingly it will be out 1st time to travel together, 3 of us.

I think my 2017 is quite fruitful, at least not wasting much time on mobile I guess haha! Time to think about what’s my target for 2018…


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{Self} Changings after 27-year-old

1. Less hang out at night. I will rather stay at home to have a rest instead of going out for fun with friends (Yet I will watch football match at home at 2:30am…).

2. Have much time with family. Time is passing by and not gonna come back, treasure every moment with the closed one is very important (Mobile is not the VIP).

3. Have much quality life. When I could earn much money from work, I prefer to choose the most desirable to buy and eat, and to have a few mins exercise on bed before sleep.

4. Satisfied for what I got. Minimalism is classy, and then check my wardrobe and think there’s pretty much enough clothes to wear and I’m not gonna buy more now.

5. Check about the wedding-related post in instagram. What a beautiful dress and venue. My wedding will go for the simpliest! A lunch cocktail party, then a fine dinner with only our family, then in the next morning we both go to honeymoon.

6. Think about future career, then to decide if the current company could provide you any prospert. I quitted my job and will start a new one next Thursday!


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{self} naked resignation

Previously, I told you guys that I am gonna change a new job, but then after working there for a month, I decided to resign.

Although people would think it is a big company and I should stay there for longer time to get the experience and to make my CV attractive, I could bare the poor sleeping quality during that period. I think nothing is important than health.
Therefore, I filed the resignation letter without finding a job to junp over.

Mom wasn’t happy when she heard that which I forseen it already, but then I got my boyfriend to support my decision, thanks God! 

And then I thought I could excel my resting plan which was planned on August, I started sending CV out to various companies and agencies however, which because I fear that I might not be able to get a job in the year end- Everyone is waiting for the bonus.
Throughout the whole week I sent the CV and went to interviews, like an intensive work for 5 weekdays, feel tired physically and psychologically…

Luckily, I got an offer today, it is the 7th working day from my last working day, and expected to start working next Wednesday (Nov 1).

During this job hunting period:

1. Want to thank you my closed friend for the support psychologically, something I told him before but when the case is on me, I become the one to be coward.

2. Realize one of the securities that I need is job, so I might not have a 2nd chance to have naked resignation.

3. Always be confident and bring positive vibe to your heart, not to affect the emotion of people surrounding you, especially family. I felt impatient when mom kept asking me questions…

4. Spend the spare time with my dad, who has retired. Once I back to work market, he would just stay at home to prepare for dinner or sit onto sofa to watch videos via mobile haha!

Rock on you guys! And me as well. Hope you all could try to enjoy your work.


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[self] german a1 level exam

after graduation, i believe most of us are not needed to have frequent exam like what we did in school. in these recent years, i just took 1 korean exam (topik 1, an elementary exam) and 1 driving exam. and yesterday, i took german exam (a1 leverl, an elementary one as well). i saw one of the classmates couldn’t sleep before that, and what we did before the exam was keep asking others the questions & repeated asking the same questions…

after finished all parts of the exam (we have reading, writing, listening & speaking), i reminded myself i came for my interest in germany, that’s really not a big deal if i failed, i still could use my broken german to say something if i were in germany, most likely with my beloved one john. and he always has full of confidence in me 🙂

i start wondered the coming a2 classes.



feminine vs masculine hobby

many friends are so curious why i’m addicted to football, like drinking beer, neither wear make up nor skirts… what i could tell is i’m a masculine girl maybe! i ain’t the only one who would act like this but just closed to you at this moment dude.

in such a modern and civilized environment, it is no longer weird to see a male would make up well like a professional artist, or a girl who is dare to try a really short crew cut hairdo like what kristen stewart had done, the most important thing is we are willing to express others who we really are.

don’t need to worry about your crush would kick you out of their lists, i believe that if they don’t have understanding on your bad, they won’t be deserved to receive your good. live once, live it for real.

ps, is there any germany national football team / bayern munich / real madrid fans here?




foreign language matters?

i have already graduated from the university for 3 years and that won’t make me stop learning new stuff. last year, i took TOPIK 1 (korean exam in elementary level) after self-studying for 2 years.


and on this april i took a driving test (for auto car). driving is so much fun and i could get an international license starting from next april that gimme a chance to drive in aussie, with an experienced driver (that would be my sister or hun) sitting next to me.

and my next target would be german. the first lesson is started today and obviously there is so much more difficult gramma or words i needa memorize (self-study on german isn’t possible to me that’s why i needa pay for it). i think i have enough incentive to learn well on this language because most of my beloved footballers are german haha! one day i could fully understand what they are talking about in the interviews, like the one that others left birthday msg to mesut özil! of course, germany would be my #1 country to travel (probably would go to there for honeymoon as well haha 😛 ), so best to study hard.


undoubtedly, when you go travelling to a place and you know their language that would be the perfect way to avoid any troubles come across, like korean, these are not even in alphabet, which would definitely make tourists feeling tired to figure out what is what, so you have to prepare well before you go. and since i know some of them and i have been there twice, so the trip on last august i didn’t plan… haha but of course you know that language doesn’t mean the trip would be perfect. i think the best experience would be meeting the nice locals and could make me feel the humanity, simply just smile to me would be ok 🙂 so after i back from manila, i realized why hun would say the flight attendant of that flight didn’t smile (even i told him that airline is rated 5-star, stupid me, that doesn’t mean anything at all).

of course i can’t learn all the language or study the foreign language before going that place, but i just can’t let myself have a routine living pattern which is work, eat, sleep and then back to work again. time is another form of treasure and try to put down the mobile and do something productive to your life and the society.


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the impromptu trip!

seriously anxiety attacked me on last sunday which made me super emotional and couldn’t fall asleep until 2:30am (i had only 8-hour sleep on friday and saturday night in total, which supposed to be easy to get tired and sleep). arghhh and then i dropped some tears when i back to office, it’s so harsh for me, my brain kept running & thinking all those trouble stuff, part of it from work (but i won’t tell u what’s the another part haha!).

i really need a break, and escape from here.

sounds coward? but in order to make my life longer, this is the only way to not blow up in front of family and colleagues and then scared them out. as perviously mentioned, i have met a man in the plane when i’m heading to perth, i was going to visit my lil sister and he was going for a business trip. after we said goodbye at the perth airport, we have never seen again since we are not living in the same country… and then now i think it’s really a good opportunity to meet, wish we could have a coffee date or hang out in the pub 🙂 . mom was a bit angry because it will be my 3rd trip in this year!!! perth, seoul and then now manila! i won’t explain to her much to make her worry, so better to just let her angry.

how impromptu this trip is? i booked the package in expedia yesterday (sep 19), for the flights on oct 7. just 2 more weeks to go, it is the soonest trip i’ve ever made! and i think this is the best reason for solo travelling because i like doing and settling things fast, so here’s the result.

actually, i’m going to find an answer from this trip. if there’s something you want the most, you can’t just wait and then let the thing happen by itself, right? even i might fail, i tried, and everything i experienced i would always consider as a lesson, very personal and tailor-made lesson. wish me luck, dudes! will further update here.


i took the above pic when i was going to head to perth from hk taking singapore airlines, a romantic sunset moment.



deal with the negative harsh moment!

when you look back those bad things happened on you, you would definitely think oneself is silly as those stuff doesn’t worth to make yourself that emotional, turns out you could know you are getting something back, much valuable.

frankly speaking, there are ups and downs starting from the beginning of 2016. i am now recovering from heartbreaking and disappointing moment, and starting to make my social life back to normal. there is a man told me that life is beautiful and now i always grasp the positive vibe tight, even though he is another one to make me disappoint… i’m ok if he is not the one.

and below is the my usual practices of dealing with the negative harsh moment.

still remember the bygone euro 2016, i cried like a dog when germany is lost in the semi-final, ozil’s heartbreaking moment captured by the photographers made me more sad (photo credit:


best to accompany with beer. i could fall asleep easier, and my mind and body could be more hyper and relax, and forget those stuff… for a while. or in the opposite way it makes you cry much and then could sleep because of tired.


in it is raining, best to go to the street without umbrella, and then walk slowly. somehow it is so refreshing. just ignore what others would think, you own your whole world. similarly, i would go swimming to refresh myself, a good excuse to use up excess energy to avoid overthinking and train up body. sports could also release endorphin as you know…

reading books, a productive way to make yourself better, usually i would read korean and german language books.

but i don’t share my unhappiness to friends and family. i believe no one could 100% understand how you feel and the difficulty i face, and i’m the only person who can fight back those stuff (cool, right? haha)

seems it is not possible to live positively in every secs, but being a 26-year-old lady, i should be mature enough to distract myself to focus on the good aspects, so as to be able to welcome the better one to come along. not quite possible doesn’t mean impossible, everything begins with a belief and determination, take action without excuse, otherwise i would look down on you (i’m an emotional cancer and i did it 🙂 )

here’s a song to recommend you all to get your dance vibe while listening, even though today is just thursday (happy thursday then!), go check out the youtube link.