[travel] low cost airline comparison

i believe most of the people love travelling and they usually follow several facebook pages for paying attention to airlines’ promotional sale! no one would object the existence of low cost airline because it can help us to travel more and more hahaaa. and i also took several times as well, below are my personal experience:

jeju air (busan <-> jeju island>

it’s just within an hour’s ride, an inland flights inside south korea. the journey might be too short to make me think anything bad. the boarding pass is printed by a piece of paper (i think it’s quite normal nowadays but i was amazed at that time, in 2013).

peach (hk <-> osaka)

that’s the 1st time for me to experience the bad of low cost airline, the flight took me almost 4 hours to land, and my ass was painful, probably due to the small sitting area and i couldn’t adjust the seat to backward a bit… more important it’s a red-eye flight! i felt very released after getting my butt off the seat. it’s a good lesson for me to not choose any budget flights for over 3.5 hours ride.

airasia (hkg <-> manila)

i know airasia is famous for budget flight and got many awards, i just took it last year to have my 1st visit to my oversea hun. although the seat is just like the sofa at home, which you could see the used vestige, it’s ok for me ‘coz it’s just a 2-hr ride. and i joined the airasiabig program which you could earn the points from the flights, but i think the free tickets are not that easy to earn, unless you are a frequent flyer and go to a longer destination like aus. only 1 flight per day (some other places might be more).

cebu pacific (hkg <-> manila)

claiming the largest airline in the philippines, there are more flights then the airasia which is good! but i saw that some people experienced their flights were cancelled, lucky that i didn’t. similar experience as airasia, but i experienced a bit bumpy ride when the plane is over the philippines, maybe due to the turbulence. for the membership, you have to pay 150peso so that you could start earn the points so i gave up hahaa.