do you have your own world-wide collection?

i like animal (although i’m too coward to touch them haha), so 2-3 years ago i have set a goal, to see the zoos and aquariums all over the world. and here’s the places i have already been to:

  • zoo: melbourne, perth, malaysia (forgot in which city)
  • aquarium: busan, osaka

i believe the list would be longer… just matter of time and money (hey! ticketing is not cheap!).


and then i think i have another collection now, that’s brewery! hell yeah i love beer more than any other drinks! and i have been to one brewery called “little creatures” in fremental, perth (omg i just searched about “little creatures” and found that this company just opened a new brewery/restaurant in hk! that’s too amazing and i’m gonna check this out alone! drink for all the fuckin’ memory in perth. no offense, i just think of the guy i met there).

i went the perth one after eating the fish and chips nearby, me and my sister went there for a drink. i went to perth on june and the weather was so perfect, i enjoyed the sun shine (but in door! haha the sun shine went through the window to reach my skin) and sister enjoyed using my iphone to take lots of lots of lots of selfie! you can also order some food there but we didn’t. before you order the drink, you can also try several beer in order to pick the one you like the most! such a good service, right?


besides travelling, i think i can share some beer review haha just a good reason to drink… and try some other¬†beer but not stick into particular brand, probably best to begin with the new season of bundesliga (german football matches)! anyone supports bayern munich here? haha i love german football team, so i really like mesut √∂zil, manuel neuer and a rising star called julian draxler.

ps, you know i don’t usually update wordpress on week day but there is a typhoon in hk right now, so probably i don’t need to work tomorrow morning =P pls gimme this valuable week day off from work, i’m physically headache now and should be on bed 2 hours ago but now still… net-surfing!