{relationship} 1-year anniversary

Dear Alien,
I remember the night we met on the plane last year, we had a great and non-stop conversation for 4 hours, we both got red eyes after landed.

I remember the night we chatted on phone, talking about the attitude after knowing my sister smoke, I told you she is well educated and should know the harm, but you told me it’s her choice.

I remember the night I phoned you for 4 times but you didn’t pick up, and finally you blocked me on Facebook, I was hurted, deeply.

I remember the night I sent an email to you to ask for being friend again and you said OK then I was glad to keep the connection.

I remember the night I took a flight after work and met you in the airport, you holded my hand, and I’m yours. 
Yes we are in a long distance relationship.

Yes we may not be able to be upload our sweet selfie and have tight hug frequently, but we could always make each other 101% fully charged to start our day and fighting on our work.
Tomorrow will be our 1-year birthday, we are looking forward to seeing this baby grow up. You may afriad of you become a grandpa who has bad temper, memory, and with wrinkles on face, but I cannot find anyone who can replace you, my best gift in life.

I know we might have much challenge than others, but I am confidence to tackle one by one because you are with me and I’m with you. 


SQ225, from Singapore to Perth. 

The monitor told me to wait, at that time I wasn’t aware I would meet my important boy soon…


[travel] singapore airline

we all know that singapore airline is one of the best airlines among the world: good quality of service, food, inflight entertainment & spacious seats. last year i took singapore airline from hk to perth (transfer in singapore), i experienced its good, and therefore few days ago i took this airline again to singapore with dad! i decided to let him feel how good an airline can be (we took budget flight from hk to seoul last year, seats are crowd, no food and entertainment during 4-hr journey).

hot towel- before the plane took off, flight attendants gave us the hot towel to clean our hands as usual. warning: it’s very very hot! almost threw mine onto the magazine.

welcome drinks- i thought it was apple juice but turned out it’s white beer. that’s totally fine, one pls!


meal- pls pick night flight if possible, you could get some nuts & ice-cream! and i do think the dinner is much attractive than the brunch. the below pic is showing my dinner: nice fish, nice wheat bread, nice chicken (on top of the salad)! for the breakfast that i had was some dim sum… but it really depends on your luck, popular dishes always be sold out fast!


entertainment- of course you would expect there must be a front monitor for you to watch movies, tv or play games. and this time i watched ‘boss baby’ & ‘gifted’. quite updated, right? but bad luck for my dad, his monitor may have some problem which he can’t watch movies 😦


any cons? i don’t want this sharing could become a kind of advertisement, i wanna have a lil complaint, but it’s really very personal- i’m not sure if it’s true but most of the transfer point set in singapore! i would love to take this airline to manila to visit my bf but it costs more time if i need to go to singapore first then back to manila! arrrrrgh! and that’s why i could only consider airasia / cebu pacific (not going to consider cathy pacific because the seat seems are similar to these 2 budget flights, right?) and can’t save my krisflyer points!

but i’m not going to point out the price of singapore airline is expensive because you can get worthy service with smile on flight attendants’ face, try it once if you have a longer journey, treat yourself better!


ps, people always say qatar & emirate are good, maybe i should try these if i get a chance to germany!




[travel] low cost airline comparison

i believe most of the people love travelling and they usually follow several facebook pages for paying attention to airlines’ promotional sale! no one would object the existence of low cost airline because it can help us to travel more and more hahaaa. and i also took several times as well, below are my personal experience:

jeju air (busan <-> jeju island>

it’s just within an hour’s ride, an inland flights inside south korea. the journey might be too short to make me think anything bad. the boarding pass is printed by a piece of paper (i think it’s quite normal nowadays but i was amazed at that time, in 2013).

peach (hk <-> osaka)

that’s the 1st time for me to experience the bad of low cost airline, the flight took me almost 4 hours to land, and my ass was painful, probably due to the small sitting area and i couldn’t adjust the seat to backward a bit… more important it’s a red-eye flight! i felt very released after getting my butt off the seat. it’s a good lesson for me to not choose any budget flights for over 3.5 hours ride.

airasia (hkg <-> manila)

i know airasia is famous for budget flight and got many awards, i just took it last year to have my 1st visit to my oversea hun. although the seat is just like the sofa at home, which you could see the used vestige, it’s ok for me ‘coz it’s just a 2-hr ride. and i joined the airasiabig program which you could earn the points from the flights, but i think the free tickets are not that easy to earn, unless you are a frequent flyer and go to a longer destination like aus. only 1 flight per day (some other places might be more).

cebu pacific (hkg <-> manila)

claiming the largest airline in the philippines, there are more flights then the airasia which is good! but i saw that some people experienced their flights were cancelled, lucky that i didn’t. similar experience as airasia, but i experienced a bit bumpy ride when the plane is over the philippines, maybe due to the turbulence. for the membership, you have to pay 150peso so that you could start earn the points so i gave up hahaa.




airline – cost vs comfort

every year i must grab my dad to go travelling with me once, and this year we will go to singapore on july, and my sis will also come there from perth, maybe we could catch up at changyi airport!

we had been to singapore for half day 9 years ago (’cause we were joining the tour mainly to visit malaysia!). maybe you would think singapore is too small to stay there for 4 days, you could never overlook the prosperity of this small dragon. and now, as their daughter and elder sister, i am going to book hotel and flights (late july is a peak season, pls tell me that i’m wise enough to book them all 4 months earlier hahaa, my sis complained to mom that i was rushing her a lot!!!)


i took in singapore 9 years ago! thanks facebook for helping me to keep photos 🙂

for hotel, i have booked hotel mono which is chic and new, with mono tone / industrial style. singapore hotel is pricey, of course it’s due to the high living standard there, and thus, i was planning to take singapore air originally, and now starting to struggle whether to pick a budget airline (scoot, which is under singapore air) or not (when you know you could make use of the price difference to go to have a better meal, or as the entrance fee of the universal studio there…) $$$$$$$$$$$$$

and today, it seems i might get a clearer answer by telling dad the option of budget airline, hahaa dad maybe prefers singapore air more! and that’s very reasonable since for a nearly 70-year-old man, comfy means so much to him (or maybe he was quite tired from the previous flight to seoul, sorry dad!!) and what could be more important while comparing to my beloved family’s happiness for the annual travel? and it’s also important to choose the good time slot for him from now on (red eye flight is absolutely not ok!)

hmm budget flight… i will see you when i’m going to see my hun next time (still don’t have a clear picture for my next visit, poor us…)


if some miracle power or managerial level working in singapore air is reading this, i hope there is a big sale when i woke up tomorrow… i will be there on july 27-30… zzzz




{basic intro} qantas airway

今次是第一次去澳洲, 又是自己一個去, 所以選了直航機, 而我在2015年2月買機票的, 正好這段時間QANTAS AIRWAY有折扣, 所以我這程由香港飛墨爾本的機票是$6664大洋.

QANTAS是坐A330, 座位不能在網上CHECK IN, 所以到了機場後地勤安排下, 我就坐在最後排的窗口位60A. 坐60B的是一位老伯, 幸好是他沒有鼻鼾呀. 大約十點左右就開始派餐, 每人手上都會有張菜單, 如下圖:

QANTAS的膳食真不錯, 但我覺得早餐比晚餐較好, 我點的晚飯是炒飯 (不太爽口, 可能是熱氣焗得久一點吧) 加雞肉 (這個OK!) 加青菜 (應該是老菜吧, 顏色都變深了). 另外甜品是豆腐摩斯加荔枝糖水還可以, 只是整個食完會太飽.

PS* 我以為那個歡迎飲品是著名的酒精飲品, 可惜聽空姐說這是甜甜的粉紅色飲品, 可能要照顧機上的小孩吧. 不過我失望了, 哈哈.

機上有觸控的熒幕可以聽歌, 看電影 (我看了THE BIG HERO 6, 看BAYMAX看到有點感動), 玩遊戲 (黑白棋, 接龍, 數獨). 又可以用自已的辟筒聽, 比機上附上的那個好很多吧! 又直接說明可用飛行模式開著手機, 那我可以光明正大的影相和拍片呀 (之前坐過的航空公司都說要關掉!). 圖中的我正在為手機上電, 因為等上機前己花了很多電量消耗時間了.

如果你能捱過凌晨1時半都不睡的話, 你就會接到空姐派的M&M巧克力了.

在凌晨5時多開始派早餐, 我選了炒蛋薯餅焗豆雞肉腸. 愛蛋的我當然會食光蛋的部份, 但真的不太餓, 所以就剩了點薯餅和雞肉腸, 對不起我也不想浪費. 還有那個香蕉MUFFIN真的是一絕! 超~好~味! 我有次在墨爾本的咖啡小店點了香蕉MUFFIN都不及QANTAS的那個好味!

只要你頂得著, 你是可以看見很多星星, 我甚至見到一顆流星 (希望不是我眼花吧). 還有, 如上圖的MAGIC HOUR, 這大概是在早上6時拍的 (對, 我是整晚沒有睡過), 或許我應該由全黑開始在窗邊開著, 捕捉到有微光的時刻… 啊我究竟當時在做什麼…?

最後航機在6:35分降落, 但因為要等接駁巴士到大堂, 約在7點才下機然後取行李過關. 過關又要排長龍, 然後取行李時有關員問我幾道問題, 我以為我可以出去坐SKYBUS, 但在最後一關, 又被關員攔著 (搞什麼鬼), 又等一回才開始搜我行李, 一邊仿似跟我閒聊, 一邊逐件該件拿出來 (我猜是因為我個人過來墨爾本所以我才被命運選中吧…). 最後最後, 8時45分完成, 坐SKYBUS約9時30分到SOUTHERN CROSS STATION. 我終於見到我妹了, 在HUNGRY JACK的那位黑衣女人.


充值點也很多, 有時會在電車站, 有時會在一些便利店都可以充.

墨爾本有名的電車是我這程旅遊的重要交通工具, 因為在CBD區內有FREE TRAM ZONE, 即不用付車費就可以遊走各景點啦. 當然, 你在FREE TRAM ZONE坐上電車, 而在不是FREE TRAM ZONE的站下車是要拍卡的 (但我沒有試過, 不要問我原因, 所以我也不太懂. 但要留意有一班糾察隊的會有時突擊的呀! 所以, 還是乖乖的比較好, 因為人有時在緊急情況下都是不能反應的衝上前補拍卡的, 嘻嘻).

墨爾本也有地鐵, 但我沒有坐過, 所以也不知說什麼好了.


有馬車 (哇, 是白馬..!!)


然後回程機是舊機來的! 沒有USB叉手電, 令我之前因在上機前玩太多以致在沒什麼電的情況下, 只好關了, 留待在到達香港後用. 而且坐位是坐在4人的中間位置, 身旁坐著個胖胖老年人, 感覺地方有點不夠見使. ,而飛機餐, 又食了炒飯. 而小食就是2味小熱狗, 不食芝士的我要飛走那些芝士 (幸好份量不多!), 熱烘烘的都很好食. 除了熱狗, 還有菠羅椰子雪條! 嗯, 都不錯 🙂

差不多飛了10小時, 終於到香港了 (其實可以更早一點到, 但因為一些飛行限制, 要在中南海飛了幾個圈…..)